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6 Blogs That are Just Right 👌🏽

So, you’re getting into blogging, but you don’t have a clear idea of where to start? Not surprising. After all, the blog world is incredibly diverse in terms of structure, visuals and content. With so much variation, it’s difficult to have a defined benchmark of what success looks like.

While there’s a lot of initial work to be done, finding what works is easier than you might think. Begin by familiarizing yourself with blogging best practices. Once you’ve got the basics down, get your fill of inspiration from these six popular brand blogs that are doing it right:

  1.  Taco Bell

Affectionately known as “The Feed,” Taco Bell’s blog site is a late-night munchie monster’s dream. In between lighthearted company culture posts, The Feed features a series of DIY food creations that visitors can make at home using Taco Bell’s staple menu items. Hello, Friday night plans!

The one drawback of this site is that it’s not completely mobile-responsive, which could make it hard for grubbers-on-the-go to get ahold of their nifty recipes.


  1.  Patagonia

Patagonia’s blog, “The Cleanest Line,” is a comprehensive online archive of environmentalist efforts, adventuring tips and general wanderlust for those who love the outdoors. Many people are surprised to learn that the blog rarely references Patagonia products, but why should it? This brand knows what’s important to their audience and hammers significant content out regularly, no sales pitch needed.

  1.  Etsy

While it may not have the most aesthetic blog on the web, Etsy is certainly doing the most with what it has. What it lacks in creative layout and catchy, bazinga headlines, it more than makes up for in useful how-to content and inspiration guides for its guests (many of whom are handmade crafters).

Adding category navigation pages could help with the organization of blog posts, but overall, excellent content throughout.

  1.  Airbnb

Airbnb has successfully identified and captured their two main audiences: those who like to travel and those who like to host strangers in their homes. Fit with a mobile-friendly content grid and easy-to-navigate categories, their blog provides a wonderfully aesthetic information pool for both groups of users.

So, whether you’re looking for a local’s take on Florence cafés or wondering what it’s like to host a traveller for the first time, Airbnb has got you covered.

  1.  Camelbak

Aptly named “Hydrated,” Camelbak’s blog site is a one stop shop for anyone who leads an extremely active lifestyle and is concerned about it. As a water gear supplier, most of their content understandably revolves around dehydration awareness and fitness safety.

But simply blogging about water intake? Too easy. Camelbak takes things one step further by providing water junkies with a built-in hydration calculator to estimate how much water will be needed for various activities. Top that, Ozarka.

  1.   Good Beer Hunting

While not technically a corporate brand blog, Good Beer Hunting does blogging better than most established companies. The site is fully mobile-optimized and visually pleasing, providing visitors with a wealth of beer-related information, entertainment and anecdotes. Whether you’re a budding brewmaster or just a tasting connoisseur, this blog covers the beer market from brewing to buying with a splash of local culture in between sips.