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Increasing Engagement with Email Personalization

Email personalization uses small, personalized changes to improve how you connect with your customers

Who says a personal touch can’t go a long way? In this month’s installment of our Email Marketing video series, we’re tackling the task of email personalization. Learn how small changes to copy and subject lines can help increase recipient engagement with your emails. Ready? Let’s get started!


Hi Everyone, and welcome to the second video in our Email Marketing series. Today, we’ll take a look at the benefits of Email Personalization. Research shows that nearly 20% of users unsubscribe from email lists they feel do not speak to them personally. That’s huge!

Clearly, personalization is an important feature. But how can a small, personal touch improve the results of your next email campaign? It’s simpler than you think.

Start by personalizing your subject lines. By including the first and last names of your recipients in the subject, your email will stand out in a cluttered inbox and immediately draw the user’s attention. Mailchimp has recorded a 0.33% increase in open rates from this feature alone.

Next, find ways to work your recipients’ names into the email copy. Speaking directly to a user rather than addressing your list at large will make your emails feel more intimate and personal.

Finally: Do your homework! Knowing the online shopping habits of your recipients will allow you to create individualized emails with custom-fit promotions and recommendations.

With these simple tweaks, your new, personalized emails will generate up to six times higher revenue than the mass-blast campaigns of years past.

Happy emailing!