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7 Ways to Increase Website Conversions

Get better website conversions with these helpful tips

So, you’ve got a cool website, and you offer cool products, but you aren’t getting bites? What gives? Is there some dark force working to steal your website conversions? Maybe.

The truth is, there’s a myriad of details that begin influencing users the moment they hit your landing page. Some are obvious, sure. But some, not so much. Here’s a quick and dirty list of seven ways you can better leverage those details to reel in leads:

  1. Create Targeted Landing Pages for Paid Search Ads

If you’re using Paid Search ads (which you should be), don’t simply link to your product or home page. Create a landing page dedicated to receiving users from your ad. With a specified ad landing page, you can cut the clutter of unnecessary navigation buttons and keep the user focused on your product or offer.

Once you have your landing page, make sure to limit the number of product options you present. While more seems better, many people become overwhelmed with too many choices and bounce.

Goodbye, lead.

  1. Optimize Form Fields

The faster users can complete a form, the faster you get leads. So, why make it more difficult? Online shopping and registering is seen as a hassle for many. By only including the absolute necessities in your form fields, your users can quickly convert to leads and/or customers.

Also, consider adding a privacy statement next to your form field. Notifying users that their information will remain safe is not only good practice, but it will help them feel secure while engaging with you.

  1. Make Your Calls to Action Pop

Your website may seem familiar to you, but for a visitor it can be quite overwhelming. After all, they’ve likely never been there before. So, be sure to include bold, clear calls to action that tell your visitors where to go next.

While links are fine, the best CTAs usually come in the brightly colored button variety. Place them in side rails and within content to catch the reader wherever their eyes happen to be.

  1. Place Conversion Elements Above the Fold

“The Fold” refers to the segment of a landing page that separates what a user can and can’t see before scrolling down. Remember, you’re trying to make converting as easy as possible for visitors. By including all necessary conversion elements (i.e., your form, product information and CTA) above this invisible line, you make it that much easier for a visitor to get their info and convert.

  1. Illustrate Product or Service Credibility

Maybe you have perfect CTAs and landing pages, but it’s still not enough. In these cases, your visitors might need to be convinced. There are a few ways to do this:

  • If significant enough, include social media fan and follower counts to show industry authority.
  • Add a section for customer testimonials and product reviews. This gives the user a peer-to-peer, unbiased view of your brand and services.
  • Provide a product or service guarantee to help reduce the risk new customers may feel when considering a purchase.
  1. Streamline Checkout

The Baymard Institute cites the average cart abandonment rate for online purchases at 69.23%. This means that, on average, nearly TWO THIRDS of people who initiate the purchase process leave before completion. While it’s difficult to avoid some reasons for this (shipping charges, tax increases, etc.), there are still a lot of factors in your control:

  • Ensure form fields function properly throughout checkout.
  • Make sure the entire process is mobile-friendly.
  • Allow for a variety of payment options, including PayPal.
  • Keep prices updated on product pages to avoid confusion at purchase.
  1. Craft User-Friendly Copy

While aesthetics are nice, your message is probably the most important feature. Your site doesn’t have to read like an academic thesis to be noticed. When speaking to your audience, be clear and friendly.

Use words and phrases within your audience’s reading level without overhyping or sensationalizing your services. At the end of the day, sincerity and clarity in your copy will go a LONG way.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Buzz me at [email protected]!