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Data-Driven Creative

Data-driven creative is creative driven by research and experience

Anyone who’s ever eaten at the Garden of Olives will tell you: looks aren’t everything. Don’t get me wrong, presentation can add to any experience. But without fresh ingredients, things can fall flat. Fast.

The same goes for good design. If you are relying solely on your creative instincts to connect with consumers, you may be missing the pitch (or worse: you might not even be in the ballpark). In-depth consumer research gives any idea the high-quality ingredients it needs to fully satisfy the audience. Without it, you’ll wind up selling a beautiful hamburger made of plastic.

Let Your Data Do the Talking

Jumping into the design process without support from market research is a lot like setting sail without a compass. Sure, you might end up on Award Winning Island with an amazing ad campaign. More often than not, though, your ship winds up smashing into Ignorance Iceberg, taking you and your frustrated band of designers down with it.

I’m not saying it isn’t possible to make a good campaign on instincts alone. It’s been done before. But for every piece of successful creative culled from gut-feeling, there’s a hundred more that sit stale and unseen.

Considering this, it’s vital to learn as much about your audience as possible. Where do they live? How old are they? What are their hobbies? What problems do they face? How can you solve these problems? Answering questions like these can help lay the groundwork for your final product.

The deeper you dive, the more insights you’ll collect. These snippets of data can:

  • Provide insights into how your audience perceives or interprets particular content.
  • Illuminate major pain points experienced by your audience.
  • Uncover shared experiences of your audience, which can be used in creative to evoke emotion and create a stronger connection with potential consumers.
  • Explain upcoming or current trends within an industry.

Your data can be gathered from a number of platforms:

  • Qualtrics – A comprehensive research platform that provides granular market data on brand identity, consumer behavior, product experience and employee satisfaction.
  • KeySurvey – Professional survey software that allows you to centralize and analyze feedback for multiple campaigns.
  • CMNTY – A complete market research suite that allows for community insight studies and powerful quantitative data collection.

Using these, your team will be able to craft a better campaign tailored to an audience’s needs and wants. Not only that: You’ll have the numbers to back it up, too.

The Numbers Don’t Stop

The research doesn’t have to end here. You can continue to track the progress of your creative and tweak as needed via platforms like Google Analytics or through A/B testing. Continued analysis will help you fine tune your content and allow it to shift with the changing perceptions of your audience.