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Say Hello: BBR Welcomes Chris Witham

BBR would proudly like to welcome Chris Witham to the team! As Director of Account Strategy, Chris will work closely with each of BBR’s internal teams to ensure that our clients’ vision and branding are not only properly maintained and developed, but that the campaigns and creative produced are in their best interests. Through discovery sessions and in-depth marketing research, Chris is the flagbearer of effective innovation and precise strategic plans that yield long-term results.

Drawing from over 20 years of integrated marketing experience, Chris has fostered a deep understanding of marketing and branding initiatives while working with a diverse portfolio of high-profile B2B and B2C clients. These clients include Procter & Gamble, Valvoline, IBM Watson, Unilever Brands and Fidelity Investments.

Outside of agency life, he devotes himself to self-improvement and community outreach projects focused on helping local startups prosper and improving quality of life. He brings a passionate, innovative new take on strategy and development that makes him an integral part of our team — and a powerful ally for our clients. He’s a strategic tour-de-force, and we’re thrilled to have him!