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BBR’s Best Intentions: Our Three Goals for 2017

As December 31st comes to a close and fireworks ring in the new year, we all look ahead to what may yet be. From trying to shed a few inches around our waistlines to finally getting around to taking that trip, everyone is making 2017 their year to be better. (Have you made yours yet? If you need some inspiration, we’ve got just the thing).

But resolutions aren’t just personal goals – businesses can also take advantage of a new beginning to refocus, realign and reinvigorate their staff for everything 2017 may have in store. This year, BBR is setting three resolutions, all aimed at being a better agency for our clients and team:

1.  Committing to our clients

From the first year we opened our doors, the commitment we’ve had to our clients is something we continually resolve to build on. We’re dedicated to growing brands and helping our clients tell their story, and every year we aim to accomplish that with better systems, more communication and by constantly innovating the creative process. From free assessments and insights to new technology and ideas, our clients will always be our top priority.

2.  Focusing on growing people

Since 2015, we’ve doubled the size of our agency (and even opened an office in Baton Rouge!) by adding a number of bright, talented people to our offices. This year, we’ll be developing our agency further by focusing on the growth and development of our team and its capabilities. This means new insights, technology and processes that, as the year goes on, we can’t wait to share with you and utilize for new projects.

3.  Making an impact on our community

With the launch of our pro-bono Service Grants and a renewed focus on developing fresh talent with our internship program, BBR is dedicating itself to making an impact within the communities we’re a part of. 2017 marks our 20th (!!!) year of business in Louisiana, and now more than ever we realize the importance of not only growing our agency further, but in supporting the organizations that are a part of this state’s potential.