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Get Prepped: 4 R’s to your Annual Review

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Congrats! You’ve made it to the one-year mark at your brand new job. Now what? It’s time for your first annual review. If you’re like I was and not sure what to expect, here are some steps you can take in preparation for your review meeting and what to do next.

  1. Reflect: It’s time to ask yourself some questions. What did I get out of this first year at work personally? Do I feel challenged? Do I feel supported? Did I do my best? What could I improve? What are my goals for the next year? In a broader sense, what are my career goals? Asking yourself these questions will get you thinking like your supervisor. This can help bring up some talking points if there are problem areas. Your annual review should be thought-provoking. While an annual review is to evaluate your personal performance, this can also be a great chance to show your employer that you’re thinking ahead about goals you want to accomplish now that you have a true sense of your role in the agency.
  2. Receive: Listen to the feedback your supervisor is giving you. Often times, your supervisor will solicit comments or ratings from members of your team. Listen, digest, ponder. Your team wants you to be successful and wants you to better the organization as a whole. Sometimes feedback can be difficult to hear, but if you’re in it for the long haul, critiques will be your stepping stones forward. Be receptive to the comprehensive review.
  3. React: Ask questions and tell your anecdotes. This is the time to dig deeper with your supervisor to identify problems, areas for improvement and career goals. Discuss aspects you love about your job and the parts that aren’t so glamorous. Make an action plan with your manager on what you’d like to accomplish in the coming months and some steps towards that goal.
  4. Reengage: Maybe in the past year you lost some of that fire of “newness” and you settled into an autopilot coast. Wake up, buttercup! It’s time to reignite your passions and get moving. Now that you have been working for a year, you should challenge yourself personally and professionally. Maybe take up a new hobby that can benefit both aspects like blogging or nonprofit work. Reenergize yourself to dream, work hard and grind til you own it. At least that’s what Beyonce would do.

Follow these steps to a fruitful and fulfilling future!