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6 Marketing Tips for the Holidays

Tis' the season for helping companies develop better holiday marketing strategies

Recent years – especially 2015 – have altered the face of holiday marketing. Black Friday deep discounting has seeped into weeks of 40 percent off, free shipping and heightened customer expectations. It begins earlier and earlier, as merchants attempt to win customers by undercutting all competitors. The result has been Grey November, the very words conjuring the season’s challenges.

1.  Keep Current Customers Happy

This holiday season is the time for you to shine – and outshine your competitors – but not with discounts. While an unbelievable price tag may snag attention, acquiring a new customer is five to 25 times as expensive as retaining a current one. In addition, that repeat customer will probably spend nearly 70 percent more than the first-time customer will. A loyal customer is also more likely to bring you more loyal customers. So, this holiday season, refocus on customer loyalty and client retention – and actionable holiday marketing tips that will bring everyone back to you over and over again.

2. Go Mobile

People love the access that their phones provide. During last year’s Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping, nearly 60 percent of all online traffic and 40 percent of all online sales were mobile, with smartphone sales triple those of tablets. So, ensuring your website and all marketing and outreach initiatives are mobile-friendly and glitch-free provides a valuable tool for both you and your customers. Make finding your services not only easy, but also convenient and rewarding.

3. Be Social

For many people, the holidays represent time to communicate with friends and family. Customers, too, are much more open and likely to respond to ads, campaigns and promotions. In fact, while businesses increase online campaigns over the holidays by 50 percent, the return is a 73-percent increase in lead generations, making it perhaps the most cost-effective time to expand client bases. It’s also a great place to convert clients, engage them in meaningful conversation or action, and enlist them in spreading the word with the invaluable share button.

4. Reach Out

Business relationships often follow familial patterns, where members see each other occasionally throughout the year. Customers, vendors and even business colleagues are busy with their latest people, problems and objectives, so reach out to remind them how and why you’re part of their team and vice versa. Initiate some festive holiday greetings to renew the emotional bond. It can be an email, a phone call or even a handwritten note to remind them of the quality of your brand, services or products. Put some thought into those special qualities that you offer that can make their holiday special or solve their holiday problems.

5. Team Up

The holiday season means gatherings and parties, so it’s also a great time to expand your brand and sales even as you help a complimentary business or two do the same. Join forces, products or services to create a unique, limited-time-only holiday purchase option or give-away sweepstakes. Partner in a holiday venture, or share some pertinent online holiday content. Collaborating with the right people who match your audience’s interests and values can prove a valuable gift that costs little but offers infinite returns for both parties.

6. Give a Little

Tend your network of customers, clients, colleagues, partners, mentors, employees, vendors, suppliers and investors. Show your appreciation for all you’ve accomplished together, and set the tone for another hopeful year by investing in corporate gifting. Personalize those gifts with handwritten notes, and be sure to time their delivery so that your recipients actually get to receive, appreciate and share them. Just be sure to keep gifts modestly tasteful. If you need help, seek out an experienced corporate gifting professional like our clients, Cane River Pecan Company and TABASCO®, to help you design the perfect personalized gift – one that lucky recipients will look forward to all year long.

Hearing Silver Bells in Grey November

The holidays are a time for celebration, often yielding sales that turn red bottom lines to black. People and companies are looking for the perfect solutions to their gifting challenges. With the right approach to holiday marketing, you can be their perfect solution. For more information on designing the perfect holiday marketing campaign and a fresh start for the new year, contact us. We can be your solution, too.