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3 Ways You’re Probably Ruining Content Marketing

When executed correctly, content marketing is an awesome tool to develop a strong relationship with your brand’s audience.

When executed correctly, content marketing is an awesome tool to develop a strong relationship with your brand’s audience. However, all too often marketers and agencies group content development in with traditional advertising in terms of approach and production, causing their efforts to consistently fall short of expectations. Of all the ways to cause your content marketing to crash and burn, here are (IMHO) three of the worst mistakes to make:

1.  Creating content without a strategy.

No strategy means no direction. No direction means no specificity, and without specificity, your content will likely fail to target anyone. Furthermore, without a plan, how can you determine if your efforts are even hitting the mark?

First things first. Don’t just blindly start cranking out blogs. Rather than simply filling landing pages with keyword-riddled chunks of copy, set aside time to gather as much information as you can on the target audience. From there, you can formulate a game plan tailored to their interests and pain points, which will inevitably lead to more conversions for you. It’s also good practice to choose any metrics you’d like to monitor from the get-go and set some reasonable goals you’d like your content to achieve.

2.  Creating content for the client, not the audience.

Everyone wants to make the client happy. It’s a given. I mean, they are the ones paying you, right? It’s important to keep in mind, though, that your client’s expectations and the audience’s interests may not always coincide. In these situations, pleasing your client while neglecting your audience will only lead to heartbreak.

Take the time to explain your strategy thoroughly and address any questions the client may have from the start of the project. This could clear up any misalignments early on. If your client has a firm stance on a direction YOU KNOW would not work well for the intended audience, take a stand. Provide metrics from related case studies. Assert your professionalism.  If necessary, AB test material to gather data on which approach works best.

3.  Creating unoptimized content.

So, you’ve written a nifty foodie blog for 20 different ways to cook a chicken. Great! Now, how many keywords did you use? Which keywords did you implement? Did you include a photo? Does that photo have alt text? Did you provide links to your other three chicken-centric blogs?

If you’re struggling to answer the questions above, I’ve got some bad news. Not that many people are going to see your blog. Womp. With any content we push into the world, it’s our job to make sure our babies get a running start. Give your content the best chance to succeed by doing everything in your power to make it visible. If people can’t find your blog, they won’t read it. Period.

Keep in mind that these are just three ways to hinder your content marketing efforts. Like anything else in life, there are endless ways to ruin something. Especially something relatively new to you. If you’re looking to level up your blog game or learn more about content marketing, check out my other wordstuffs below!

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