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BBR Launches New Trapolin-Peer Architects Website

We are excited to announce the completion of our latest digital project: an aesthetic, modern website for the 35 year-old New Orleans-based architectural firm, Trapolin-Peer Architects.

The original Trapolin-Peer website presented a number of challenges for the client. The site was outdated and not mobile friendly, making it difficult for page administrators to update information or add new projects. The design of the site also lacked the spirit of the firm and failed to showcase their team’s diversity, highlight awards or describe their expansive body of work.

With these challenges in mind, the BBR team got to work. We wanted to create an attractive, functional site that accurately reflected the creative prestige of the Trapolin-Peer brand. Historical and architectural elements were incorporated into the design process, allowing our team to create a sophisticated, brand-specific website with an underlying “wow” factor.

Clean and sleek, the new site design features subtle nods to New Orleans architecture and modern website aesthetics. New page features highlight their brand’s personality, company culture, and continued focus on sustainability. With audience-centric messaging and a strong focus on the firm’s finished work, the new Trapolin-Peer website aims to serve as an effective new business and recruitment tool.