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Client Spotlight: ATC’s Fawn Larson


Meet one of our creative clients – 

Marketer by profession and musician by passion, the multi-talented Fawn Larson has facilitated relations between BBR and ATC Group Services LLC for over four years. Growing up in the cultural pit of Lafayette, Larson lived alongside a host of local musical and artistic influences. She began playing music at the age of six, a lifelong love that still remains a cornerstone in her adult life.

Larson participated in several bands during her time at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, which allowed her to connect with the local community and develop as an artist. Roughly two years ago, she took the leap and relocated to Nashville, TN – also known as “Music City” – to pursue new opportunities in music. Although her music career has always taken a backseat in her professional life, Larson has managed to leave her mark with original songs featured in recent films such as Black Beauty, Higher than the Treetops and We Made This Movie.

As the Marketing & Communications Specialist for ATC Group Services LLC, Larson has provided marketing support to over 70 environmental consulting branches nationwide. Upon interviewing, her drive to engage with new people and garner success for her team is ever-present:

“I really love that I get to interact with so many different people on a day-to-day basis, due to our nationwide spread.  It also feels great knowing that I am working for a company that is helping the environment and thinking about the future.”