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Communication Station: Coming to an Agency Near You

BBR is experiencing a massive growth spurt. In the one short year since I’ve been hired, we’ve reeled in another dozen people to join our hardworking crew. This growth has been met with expected and unexpected challenges. To meet these challenges, we have to go back to the root of all challenges. Communication. Is. Key.

As an account service person, clearly communicating is paramount. We have to communicate to clients, creative teams, each other and just about every other person we meet on a daily basis.

With account service people now in three separate offices, BBR is finding creative solutions to keeping communication at our core. Try some of these communication tools for effective messaging:

  1. Google Hangouts: Video chatting with our Baton Rouge office team members has become vital to our agency. Hangouts allows you to have a conversation with someone while…yep, seeing their face. I find that to realign with team members and get on the same page, face-to-face interaction is everything.
  2. Google G-Chat: For all the millennials that missed AOL Instant Messenger, GChat fills the void. It also allows for quick, one-off questions and answers. Within GMail, your Chat feed sits in the left hand corner. Because sometimes picking up the phone can feel like too much.
  3. Google Drive: Mark my words: if you are not utilizing Google Drive, you are missing out on efficient office tools that streamline work. Within Google Drive, you can use Google Docs, Slides, Sheets and other programs that will help you communicate simultaneously across the hall or across the world. Google Docs has become a way for coworkers and me to create, edit and finalize creative briefs, reports and more. This has become an effective method for teams of people who work in separate offices. I can begin a creative brief, share with a coworker for her to revise and then share the entire final document with our team digitally. (Insert slow clap for efficiency and tree saving.)
  4. Define your meetings: BBR loves to collaborate, and therefore, we can sometimes experience meeting overload. By defining the types of meetings that are pivotal in the creative process, you are able to gather the right people at the right time for the right message. Some types of meetings include: strategy sessions, project kickoffs, progress check-ins and sunset reviews that uncover inefficiencies and highlight wins for the project.
  5. Define your next steps: Towards the end of each meeting with coworkers or clients, ask the question: what is the next step? Write them down or email in your meeting recap. By defining your action items per person, you are cutting down on the confusion time. When everybody owns the next step, no one does.