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United Way’s ALICE Gets Interactive Map

Recently, BBR worked with the Louisiana Association of United Ways to promote the release of their first ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) report. ALICE is a state initiative focusing on working with Louisiana residents who are barely capable of making ends meet each month (i.e. at the ALICE threshold). Per report findings, 21 percent of employed Louisianians meets ALICE requirements, while nearly 19% are living under the poverty line. The main purpose of the ALICE report is to inform the public of the challenges facing this group. Through continued outreach and education, ALICE hopes to encourage policymakers, legislative influencers and community members to advocate for and implement changes to aid this demographic.

In contribution, our digital team designed an interactive map allowing site users to see ALICE demographics for each parish in Louisiana. By clicking on any given parish, users can view a percentile breakdown of residents living at and below the ALICE threshold, along with a link to the area’s United Way chapter. The ALICE interactive map is available here.

Additionally, BBR also produced a package of Web banners and social graphics promoting personal stories of individuals who identify as ALICE. To learn more about this initiative and how you can get involved, visit