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Gravitar – Personalize Your Online Image

Your online image is getting more and more important. It doesn’t matter if you go online for personal reasons, business or both. For most people it will be a blend of personal accounts and business with different email addresses involved for each. For example, I have a personal email, work email and a third I use just for online purchases.

One of the things that you can do immediately is to choose your avatar. No, you don’t get to log into a giant blue alien body. I am talking about the image/icon that follows you around when you post on message boards, forums or other services that require user accounts. Some services will have a photo that accompanies your user that easily visually identifies you, if you do not have one they will usually insert a generic profile silhouette. But you have control. You can choose your own avatar.

You can and should have a different avatar for every email address you use. It is fun to have that photo of a possum but you don’t want that showing up near your business emails. Different Avatars not only help to control your online image, it is also handy as a great visual cue as to which account or email you are logged into as well. Particularly if you have a business and personal Gmail account. The inboxes can look very similar, it’s good to have that Gravatar image as a quick identifier for which one you are logged in as.

To do this, you will need to open a free account and then authorize that account to connect to Gravatar. Then you log into Gravatar, add an email address and upload a photo to be associated with it.

Couldn’t be easier.