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E-marketing: Tips for Getting Your Emails Opened

Email marketing is still the most personal way to reach your audience. Do it wrong, and you could potentially lose a customer forever. Do it right, you make money for your business and could gain a loyal following. Here are some questions you’ve probably asked yourself and some tips to help your email efforts succeed:


1.How do I make them notice me?

With the influx of messages hitting an inbox at any given time, people are less likely to see your email.  A subject line is their first impression of you and maybe your only chance. So how can you really stand out? Ask a question, throw in a few extra spaces or break up your words with characters such as plus signs or dashes.

Don’t forget the preview! Most email programs show what’s called preview texttext pulled from inside the email and shown next to the subject line. Don’t let this space go to waste! Use it to support your subject since it gives you more real estate to get someone’s attention.


2. So they fell for it, now what?

Visuals! Most people learn better through images. Use graphics to show off your brand or product, but make sure they’re relevant. You wouldn’t want to confuse your audience with random photos, and you don’t want the images to overpower your message or call-to-action.

Drive your audience, as a call-to-action implies, to take action. Use a button that directs the user to click for more information. Phrases like “learn more” and “buy now” are great for directing users. Also consider including the most important information at the end of your email. If you tease it in the subject, the reader will have to scroll all the way to the bottom to get to the good stuff.


3. Use a Sense of Urgency

People will respond if they feel like they’re going to miss out on something if they don’t act immediately. We’ve all been therethe supermarket or your favorite clothing storein the checkout line, and something catches your eye. The person in front of you finishes checking out, and you have three seconds to decide if you’re going to grab the item or let the opportunity pass. Of course you grab the item. You can’t live without that [insert name of ridiculous “As Seen on TV” item you have sitting in a drawer at home]. Am I the only person in the world who this has happened to? Yikes, I hope not. Your messaging should be just that short, to the point and urgent.  


4. Make it personal

Everyone wants to feel special, to receive the exclusive deal and to think they’re getting something no one else is getting. Your email should feel like you’re speaking to one person, not to the hundreds or thousands of people you’re actually sending it to. Write as if you’re talking to a friend.

Make sure you have a balance of promotional emails and brand-building emails. Your emails should provide value to your audience. Include useful information, and show that you’re not just trying to sell something. People will trust that you’re looking out for them.


5. I’ve gotten their attention, how do I close the deal?

Make them want to find out more. Where are you sending the reader once they open and click on your email? The email should link to somewhere strategically thought outyour website or social media page, so the recipient can continue to interact with your brand.

How can you tell if the audience is clicking your links?  Tracking URLs allow you to see who moves from your email and where the majority of people actually click to better plan for the next email.


6. But wait, how often will I need to do this?

Knowing how many emails you should be sending depends on a variety of factors: who you’re sending to, what time of year it is and what information you’re providing. You only want to send emails as long as you have enough relevant information to push out. The Holiday season is a great time to send out more emails. You can also consider re-sending emails to addresses that didn’t open them the first time around. (Make sure you use a new subject and preview!)

If you start seeing an increase in unsubscribers or notice your emails are frequently being marked as spam, you may be sending too many emails. You must build a relationshipgive the user time to trust that you won’t bombard their inbox with too many messages.

Email marketing is somewhat of a science. You may have to try out a few emails before you find your groove. Just make sure you’re always staying true to your brandand if all else fails, give us a call. We may know a thing or two about sending emails!