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8 Steps to Retain and Grow Your Online Marketing Clients

The largest problem with SEO and social media is that it is a foreign concept to many clients, which makes it difficult for them to understand the process and see the true value. This blog will aim to help them gain a deeper understanding of the process, the inherent value that lies within them and to remove any questions about including the services in their long-term marketing budget.

Use this guide to create a strategy on retaining accounts for the long-term.

Schedule a kick-off meeting immediately upon receiving the signed contract. In-person meeting would be preferable, but a phone call would also work. This meeting will serve to gather any and all information required to complete the tasks, including any available logins, initial keyword focus, etc. Likewise, it will create an opportunity for them to ask any questions and help them gain a better understanding of the startup and month-to-month processes.

Use plain language when discussing SEO and social media when possible. Industry-specific terms are ok, as long as they’re followed with a definition. Dumb down the jargon without speaking to them as if they’re dumb.

For the first few months, pledge to pick up the phone and speak to the client for any questions or alerts. If they’re unavailable, only then will an email suffice.


  1. Be as detailed as possible in all monthly reports. Include information about the monthly stats and rankings, as well as what they mean, tasks completed for that month and tasks that are coming up the following month. Also speak of strategy and focus for the next month to show them we are putting thought into their account.

  2. For the first few months of the account, set up face-to-face meetings to review monthly reports. If in-person meetings are not possible, conference calls will suffice. Monthly conference calls after the first few months will be set up to review each month’s report.

  3. Alert client of any noticeable improvements or milestones in the first few months of the account. This will provide opportunities to display expertise and knowledge, as well as helping the client gain a deeper understanding SEO. Highlighting improvements in monthly reports will suffice from there.

  4. Do not let the lines of communication go silent. If client has not reached out in over a month, call or send an email to check in and ask how things are going. This will allow us to gauge if the client is simply too busy or possibly considering ending the retainer. Additional steps can be chosen from there.

  5. Listen to client needs and wants prior to upselling services, unless they are in dire need of them. This will let the client know that we are actively listening to their needs instead of using them as a means to make more money. If they are in dire need of a service we offer, broach the subject first during a monthly call and gauge their reaction prior to offering the upsell.