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Color of the Year 2016 Predictions



Prediction: PMS 5415 / Slate

My Color of the Year select lives within a rich, moody shade, which I have dubbed Slate (I’ll pause a moment for you to appreciate that angsty intro). Not quite blue but not quite gray, this hue is all drama and elegance. Because of its muted nature, Slate serves as a cool neutral that pairs well with a variety of styles and color palettes.

This color caught my eye when I bought my house six months ago, and the bedrooms were already painted in a lighter shade similar to Slate. I loved how sophisticated it felt — not your typical turquoise shade thats been hanging out all over your Pinterest board (Shade thrown!) Wait — is it too late to name my color Shade? It paired well with the rustic tone of my wood furniture, the clean white of the wall trim and the pops of color in my bedspread—making it a universal color for clean, crisp design and decorating.

Ive also chosen this color because it seems Pantone has taken a turn for the dramatic. Prior to 2015, the colors selected were bright pops of jewel tones such as Radiant Orchid, Emerald and Tangerine Tango. But last years Marsala changed everything. The shade of burnt red is an impactful, full-bodied statement color that could be used on its own or as a strong accent to many other colors according the to Pantone Color of the Year page. With this same mindset, I feel Slate works in a similar way — or maybe Im just hopeful my bridesmaid dresses will be on fleek next year. Here’s to wishful thinking!



Prediction: PMS 169 C / Blush

I think Pantone is going to break up their selection of bright jewel tones with a coral number like 169-C, or as I call it, Blush. Unlike 2011’s “Honeysuckle” and 2001’s “Fuchsia Rose,” Blush is light, understated and easy to complement with other colors. A comforting color, Blush embodies all the little things that bring joy into one’s life. Blush doesn’t mind sending you her notes when you skip class. Blush will let you pass into her lane. Blush remembers your grandma’s name and asks how she’s doing. Blush is nice like that.

Not only are pinks and corals on trend in the fashion and interior design industry, Pantone has even hinted at their preference toward shades like Blush in their Spring Color Report. Considering that 2015’s Color of the Year, Marsala, was also a featured color in Pantone’s spring report, Blush could very well be the company’s pick for 2016.

In addition, this color could work with Pantone’s many partners. From a marketing perspective, it makes sense for Pantone to select a color that their stakeholders can easily sell. Take Sephora, for example. Last year, the makeup giant launched an entire collection off Marsala,. And if they can make money off of red mascara and eyebrow gel, imagine the dough that a color like Blush could bring in. Lipstick and eyeshadow and Blush, oh my!



Prediction: PMS 400 C / Desert Linen

It’s hard to go anywhere this year without being faced with the rising trend of rustic design. Muted hues help accentuate splashes of natural color and provide a warm, welcoming feel to any space. Desert Linen encompasses a need to give new life to materials of the past and remains grounded in an increasingly bright and digital world.  Whether it’s your favorite local coffee shop, that swanky new artisanal restaurant or your best friend’s wedding inspiration Pinterest board, Desert Linen’s beauty is in its versatility, subtle warmth and quiet familiarity.

A color that seems at times both atmospheric yet heavy, Desert Linen finds its strength in its poetic ability to just feel good. Without having to shout its presence in a room, it provides a solid foundation with which to build upon as well as a strong sense of security and comfort. Harkening to a time of objects made by hand and an admiration of craftsmanship, Desert Linen takes a step back to allow the everyday to become the amazing.

While it may not be the boldest or brightest color out there, there’s something to be said for subtlety, and Desert Linen says it well.



Prediction: PMS 370 / Kermit

Kermit is a bright and solidly amiable color. This hue knows what it is and stands its ground. It’s not part of a group, clique or shade of another color. It stands by itself but is not a loner. Its friends include all forms of yellow, most blues, browns, oranges, purples and almost all reds. Although sometimes it’s a love-hate situation with red. They are often strikingly spectacular because of their contrasting personalities. While red likes to be the star of the party, Kermit is happy and confident in his own skin and doesn’t need to be the star of the show.

Kermit for President? Nah, Kermit is the guy who you say hello to every morning while walking in the neighborhood. He could be from any walk of life. You aren’t sure, but you do know that he is solid, dependable and trustworthy. In today’s world of confusing headlines, constantly shifting values and media reporting shades of the truth, Kermit is deserving of recognition because of this solidity, stability and good-natured friendliness.



Prediction: PMS 110 U / All That Glitters

This isn’t your grandma’s gold! For about a decade now, the color gold has been discarded as old-fashioned and out-dated. Millennials revolted against their elders’ affinity for yellow gold and moved towards the more modern, futuristic qualities of silver. But now, this rich perfection is making a bold comeback. Metallic adorned retro/vintage fashion, jewelry and home decor are all the rage these days. It’s an easy way to make anything go from plain jane to something special.

Previously seen as gaudy, metallics are now used as neutrals, which pair easily with other colors. In fact, the bright aspect of gold actually brings out the radiance of the other colors it’s paired with. All That Glitters can be used as a visually strong element against a dark background, which lends to dynamic, high-quality designs. It can also be used along with more subtle, light tones to create a clean and sophisticated or charming and vintage design aesthetic.

If all other logic fails, some of the sweetest things in life are gold…honey, caramel, peanut butter, donuts, whiskey…and who could argue with that?



Prediction: PMS 485 C / Sith

Look, we all know that 2016 is going to be the year that The Force Awakens. It’s not just going to merely awaken, however. It’s going to zoom out of its Yoda-print bedding, enter hyperspace and warp to the shelves of every retailer across the galaxy. There are already Star Wars showerheads for sale; the movie hasn’t even come out yet. I, myself, bought a Millennium Falcon drone to fly around in my backyard. Because Star Wars.

The only thing more iconic than a lightsaber is a red lightsaber. The mysterious Kylo Ren, who appears to be Episode VII’s antagonist, wields a wicked, unstable red lightsaber. It has been the subject of much controversy, spawning the hashtag #HILTGATE and drawing fanboys into heated debates. All speculation aside, everyone can agree that a red lightsaber represents the return of the Sith. And if audiences revere Kylo Ren as much as they did Emperor Palpatine or Darth Vader, then 2016 will definitely be the year of the Sith.