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Monica’s Top 5 Cities

Monica Hebert is one of the biggest champions of Lafayette you’ll ever meet, so you might be surprised to find out what a globetrotter this local legend is. Here are the Top 5 places she’s visited:

  1. Waikiki, Hawaii: She’s been there more than once because there’s just so much to see and do. On one of her visits she was there during the NFL Pro-Bowl, an annual event for football stars and fans. Thanks to her media connections, she got into several VIP parties and events. On another trip, she visited Pearl Harbor, ordered the famous “tropical itch” drink (that comes with a backscratcher), went skydiving, climbed Diamond Head Mountain and hiked through the rainforest. The grand finale was a helicopter tour of the entire island of Oahu.

  1. Nigata, Japan: Monica and her mother spent a week there visiting friends. Nigata is a port city on Japan’s northwest coast with a population of about 800,000. Far removed from the hustle and frenzy of Tokyo, Nigata is a coastal gem with lush green mountains and a rich culture and history. They toured an open-air fish market, soaked in a hot spring and enjoyed traditional Japanese cuisine (and plenty of sake).
  1. Paris, France: They say that blondes have more fun—but clearly some people have more fun with blondes. While dining in a Greek restaurant in Paris, Monica and her (also blonde) friend made quite an impression on the staff, who began caressing their hair and ultimately ended up chanting, dancing and smashing plates in their excitement. Check, please!
  1. Barcelona, Spain: Though celebrated for its stunning architecture, Barcelona is also famous for bullfighting, or tauromaquia. Monica attended a bullfight in a brand-new arena while she was there, and thanks to someone next to her providing real-life subtitles, was able to follow the action. Apparently, the “red cape” provocation is something that doesn’t happen until the end. The matador has a long series of other moves and tactics he uses before he brings the cape out. When it’s over, women often throw their purses into the ring, but Monica wisely skipped that tradition.
  1. Hong Kong, China: There’s no shopping destination quite like Hong Kong. While she was there, Monica bought a bespoke suit, fully-lined and constructed by a master tailor that’s still in her wardrobe. The whole process, from picking out fabrics to sketching and measurements and then sewing, takes less than two days.