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Lauren’s Top 5 Holidays

Top 5: Holidays

Lauren’s favorite holidays all have a common theme: family and NO GIFTS!

  1. New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day: Lauren loves the juxtaposition of NYE’s grandeur and festivity with NYD’s sedated lethargy. As much as she enjoys dressing up and going out the night before, she loves spending the next day, curled up in comfy clothes by a fire, watching football with her family. It’s the total-package holiday: party AND recovery.


  1. Groundhog Day: This holiday is exactly the kind of silly tradition that Lauren loves. No matter what other serious news may be going on, everyone stops to find out whether Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadow. The local version, Monsieur Pierre C. Shadeaux, is actually a nutria who emerges from a tiny, custom-built Acadian-style house.


  1. Labor Day: What Lauren truly appreciates about this holiday is its frequent coincidence with her birthday. Extra time to spend with friends and family is always welcome when you have to turn a year older.


  1. Easter: It’s not just because of the candy or easter baskets — Lauren’s family does a big Easter breakfast every year. Brunch + family + themed decorations (- gifts) = a very happy Lauren.


  1. Thanksgiving: Lauren’s absolute favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, which offers a maximum of delicious food and relaxation (watching the Macy’s parade) with no gifts. It’s like a hassle-free Christmas!