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3 Free Ways to Reach More Users on Facebook

Content creation requires a great amount of energy, strategy and creative thought. So it can be really disappointing when good posts only reach a few people and are liked by even fewer.

Thankfully, there are ways that you can tweak your social strategy to reach more users. While more obvious techniques like hashtags and boosting are great ways to build a more engaged audience, we believe that these simple and free habits will also give you the push you need toward greater Facebook reach.

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Use Direct Language  

 Ask and you shall receive. Sometimes simply asking for engagement is enough to push your users to like, comment or share.

The best way to increase your overall reach is to increase engagement on your content. That may seem like the epitome of the phrase, “easier said than done,” but an easy first step is to use direct language.

What do we mean by direct language? “Share this.” “Comment below.” “Like this.” Including open-ended questions that ask users to share opinions or experiences are also effective at encouraging commenting.

Although it may seem bossy and too forward at first, this kind of copy makes it easier for the user to engage. You are giving them direction on exactly what you expect them to do. And if that copy inspires users to share, comment or like, your post then attracts even more users who could follow suit.

Does using direct language mean that creativity should take a back seat? Absolutely not. In fact, we’ve found that certain creative posts are engagement bait for users. Feel free to be as funny, silly or inspiring, just make sure your copy actually encourages users to engage, in addition to making them laugh.

Make Your Schedule Their Schedule

It doesn’t matter how on point your content is if you’re posting at the wrong times. There are plenty of guides out there that will tell you the best times to post on social media. However, if you already have an audience that you want to maintain and expand, you should take your scheduling efforts one step further. Start tailoring your posts specifically to your audience’s schedule.

Resources like Facebook Insights will show you the peak times and days that your fans are online. Study this information. Monitor it for a couple days or weeks. And then implement these times into your own strategy.

While general trends will definitely help you in the initial scheduling process, a more tailored schedule could ensure that your hard work does not fall on deaf ears.

Collaborate With Other Accounts

There’s an African proverb that perfectly sums up what it’s like to collaborate with other social media accounts: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

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When you collaborate with other Facebook pages, the coordination can be more time consuming than when you’re working alone. You have to establish a quid-pro-quo, after all. And if your Facebook page is a smaller cog in a larger campaign, you may even have to coordinate efforts with other departments like PR.  It can be complicated work, but the results can lead to greater reach among multiple audiences.

Your first step is just looking for pages that are relevant to your audience’s interests. Then, reach out and set up an agreement about sharing and posting. One of the simplest agreements is for your page to post something, and your collaborator to share it. The next week, the roles are reversed.

As long as proper tagging is used, opening your strategy up to collaboration gives your page exposure to another account’s audience. Additionally, it helps build your credibility in certain topics and interests. If Nike reposted something from an up and coming basketball player, wouldn’t you feel inclined to think that player is on the rise and worth following? You could be that basketball player!

Start looking for social media accounts that you can foster positive relationships with, and leverage those partnerships so you both get great reach.