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Top 5: Phrases That Prove You’re Better Than Everyone Else

Other people exist, which can be a real drag for anyone who likes to get their way 100 percent of the time. Make no mistake — the world is your oyster. While you can’t win every insignificant argument, you can shake up the way you speak to let others know, “You’re OK, but I’m better.”

Take others down a peg, and show the world you have something to prove, with the Top 5 Phrases That Prove You’re Better Than Everyone Else.

5. “Just sayin’…”

Commonly used by uncles on Facebook, “Just sayin’,” is a way to underscore a point, even if you don’t have one. Example: “Ron’s politics are bad. Just sayin’…” This phrase has lived a full life, having gone mainstream, jumped the shark and then gone mainstream again by late adopters.

4. “Big guy.”

Common closer for sentences like, “Whatever you say, big guy.” Elegant in its simplicity, it doubles as a tool for testing just how confident, patient and involved a person the recipient’s father was. This device is, ironically, less effective when delivered to a guy who is big.

3. “ha.”

Text message etiquette is ever-evolving, but “ha.” is timeless. Nothing says, “Just so we’re clear, I’m giving you the least-enthusiastic response possible,” quite like it. Be sure to include a period so there’s no mistaking your curt response for expedience.

2. “Well, as I said…”

Passive aggressive? Check. An implication that someone is either stupid or not listening? Double-check. If someone is trying to get clarification, show them you don’t have time for nuance; you just want to get back to whatever it is you were pretending to be doing.

1. “Have you been crying?”

Courtesy of comedian Chelsea Peretti: If someone is being cocky or trying to intimidate you — by, for example, using any of the above four phrases — interrupt them and say, “Have you been crying?” Legend has it that if you actually employ this technique, a mysterious stranger appears, gives you a sash and declares you the mayor of Shutdown City.