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Top 5 Splurges

1. Musical Instruments: Guitar pedals that he doesn’t need, a piano, more guitars … Burt is constantly creating, and instruments give him another outlet for expressing himself.

2. Clothes: Burt raves about the JackThreads app — but warns that it’s dangerous because you can buy cool shoes, suits and ties with just a couple clicks. It’s easy to rack up quite a tab if you aren’t careful.

3. Coffee: When setting up (design) shop at a coffee joint, Burt uses indulgences as motivation. He’s a sucker for the pastries, but his go-to is a cappuccino with one raw sugar and drip-coffee chaser.

4. Food: Whether dining out or cooking at home, only the finest ingredients will do. Burt is known for his sumptuous creations, like the legendary slow cooker smoked gouda and tasso mac and cheese.

5. Home Improvement: Burt loves to splurge on upgrades for his home like wood floors, granite countertops and new furniture.

What subject do you have surprising expertise in?

RoboCop – Burt has loved the movie series and comics since he was a kid. This superfan even owns “RoboCop: The Definitive History,” a book that actually exists. Burt shared some fun trivia about the RoboCop franchise that most people don’t know:

  • Although the movie is set in Detroit, it was actually filmed in Dallas because it had a more futuristic skyline.

  • There was a Canadian television version RoboCop as well as RoboCop video games.

  • Frank Miller, creator of the “Sin City” comic series, actually penned the script for RoboCop 3, but his draft ended up not being used (though he was involved in the trilogy.)

  • Irvin Kershner, the director of the second RoboCop film, also directed the Empire Strikes Back.

  • Peter Weller, who played the title character in the first two RoboCop movies, was chosen for the part because of his mouth — because you can’t really see other features, he had to have a very distinct mouth and jawline.

  • Weller took lessons from a famous mime to learn how to move as a robot.