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The 4 Social Media Posts You NEED for Boosting Engagement

Planning a whole month’s worth of social media content can be daunting, no matter how experienced you are. Fortunately for content creators everywhere, BBR is here to help.

We’ve taken notes on what posts attract the most engagement for our social media clients, and we want to share our wisdom with you. It doesn’t matter how new or seasoned your account is, these categories of posts will help you gain likes, shares and comments.

The E-Card

CCR e-card

We’ve all seen them on our feed. Sometimes it’s an inspirational quote in front of a sunset. Other times it’s creative copy that goes hand-in-hand with an existing ad campaign. Regardless, people love to read and share a good E-card.

Why you should try it:

An E-card category touts two main benefits. Firstly, photo posts receive much more engagement than other types of posts on Facebook. Secondly, in a medium where post copy can be easily ignored once shared, an E-card on Facebook will always retain your brand’s message because copy is actually on the image.

Tips: Try to adhere to the 20% rule as much as possible, even if this means using shorter copy. You want the option of boosting just in case your post makes it big and you want to capitalize on the reach.

Another tip is to keep your graphic as professional looking as possible. If you can’t get your hands on Adobe products, free services like GIMP can still help you create eye-catching e-cards.

Versus Posts


It’s no secret that Internet users are opinionated, and those opinions are the foundation of a “versus” post. This type of post asks users to choose between one of two things that are similar but are still unique in their own right. The result? Great engagement.

Why you should try it:

These types of posts garner large numbers of comments simply because the nature of the post puts the responsibility of engagement on the user. There’s no other way for them to say “I prefer Choice A over Choice B” in a Facebook post unless it’s with a comment.

Tips: Keep it light. Asking someone if they love poboys over muffulettas is fun. Asking someone if they love mom more than dad is weird. This type of post may be better suited for social media accounts that often deal with lighter topics like food and music.

Definition Posts


Our work with several Louisiana accounts has given us audiences with rich and unique vocabularies. While someone born and raised in Cajun Country may know what “lagniappe” means, outsiders may not know what the heck that word is or how to pronounce it. Thus, the definition post was born.

Why you should try it:

Definition posts serve as a great educational tool for audiences. Every industry has unique habits and terminology, and this kind of post allows you to enlighten those who are less knowledgeable but are still interested in your content.

Definition posts will also build credibility with audiences who are more familiar, as it shows that you understand their world and lingo.

Tips: Creative copywriting is a must. You don’t want your post to come off as an actual excerpt from the dictionary. Try including two definitions, one that clearly states what something means and a second one that serves as more of an inside joke between people who already understand the word. Humor is not only possible with definition posts but encouraged.

Reshare User Content

Sometimes it’s not about creating content but rather sharing it. Whether it’s a Facebook share, retweet or a regram, don’t be afraid to repurpose content from your own audience.

Why you should try it:

You’re not the only one who enjoys getting comments, likes or shares. Sharing a users’ content is a way of thanking them for engaging in the first place, and that thank you could encourage them to engage even more. Plus, if other users see that you are a page that is open to reposting content, it may incentivize them to engage with you as well.

Tips: Always ask for permission before you reshare, and offer credit for a user’s work, especially if it’s art or photography. Twitter and Facebook make this easy with their respective retweet and share options, but for Instagram, we recommend commenting on an image with a request to regram.

Be sure to try out a few of these posts the next time you plan a social media strategy. These four categories could help you maintain the quantity of posts you need without sacrificing any of the quality. Best of luck!