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8 Ridiculously Simple Tips for 2015

1. Develop responsive websites. Responsive sites function seamlessly across mobile platforms, tablets and desktops without compromising aesthetics—all while vastly improving Google search rankings.

2. Email is still the most intimate avenue for reaching customers. And in 2014, newsletters and e-blasts, guided by detailed content calendars, were instrumental in generating record-setting Web sales for our clients at critical buying decision times.

3. Take advantage of workforce development. The Louisiana Workforce Commission offers businesses with 50 or fewer employees a variety of free (reimbursable, up to $3,000) employee training programs. Visit for eligibility.

4. “Free” social media advertising isn’t optimal. There are obvious benefits to curating community pages on popular networks like Facebook, but if your goal is to expand, engage and convert audiences, you enjoy a much greater benefit when you complement your efforts with paid advertising.

5. Find creative ways to stretch clients’ media dollars. Here are two freebies: When placing advertising, always inquire about added value the medium could provide—it never hurts to ask. Also, consider making radio and TV buys in Q1, when inventories are at their highest.

6. Subscription-based software is here to stay. Standalone software installs are becoming obsolete, with most major publishers now requiring cloud accounts and monthly fees. Sign up as soon as possible for business-critical software to lock in early, lower-cost subscription agreements.

7. Take advantage of cloud services in 2015. Shifting your business accounts to Gmail, Google Docs, Dropbox, etc., grants employees (and clients) easy access to common documents. For us, it’s proven critical to collaborating, saving time and producing quality products.

8. Share your insights with your customers. What may seem obvious to you might not seem so straightforward to your customers. Share with them any and all information relevant to the growth of their business. It takes just one idea to initiate a groundswell of success—don’t you want that to come from you?