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A Toast to Shiner

Earlier this week I was grocery shopping, and I happened to pass through the beer aisle. I also happened to catch sight of the newest release from Shiner, a Texan brewery that never fails to impress when it comes to packaging. This particular brew, “White Wing,” is not an exception.


It goes without saying that I immediately grabbed a pack and lovingly placed it into my cart. I had no intention of buying beer, but I’m a sucker for good design. Maybe I should avoid certain sections of stores altogether, right?

When I got home, I did a little more research into White Wing. I found that there’s a great, simple television spot promoting this particular brew:

People are tweeting their bottle collections to @ShinerBeer.

Shiner Tweet

There’s even a blog dedicated to promoting “Oh, Beautiful Beer” that features several Shiner packaging posts.

McGarrah Jessee, the wonderfully creative advertising agency behind the brand, is obviously doing a bang-up job. Their site has a page on their portfolio section dedicated to their Shiner designs and campaigns, which are all just as tasty as the beer.

I’m living proof that great design works in the marketplace. An appealing package swayed me to buy a product that I didn’t originally intend to buy (but I’m glad I did). It’s evident that McGarrah Jessee really knows the Shiner brand and is behind the product 100 percent. They’ve created engaging packaging that you actually want to look at, stories that you want to be a part of and a craft beer that you want to drink. It’s not just a Shiner look; it’s a Shiner culture. And I’ll be on the lookout for the next cool brew rollout from the team of Shiner and McGarrah Jesse.