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Louisiana Job Connection: A New, Free Online Resource for Employers and Job Seekers



Louisiana employers and job seekers now have access to a powerful new tool designed to match available positions in Louisiana companies with the most skilled candidates. Louisiana Job Connection is a free, online job-matching website that connects qualified job applicants with in-state employment opportunities.

If you are an employer, post job openings. You can build your own profile page, or simply provide a link to your company’s website. Only qualified candidates will be matched with the positions you are searching to fill. Click here for more Employer information.

If you are a job seeker, post your information on the system. Build a profile, or connect your LinkedIn account, and provide your job preferences. Only positions that are aligned with your skills and interests will be sent to you, complete with an at-a-glance listing of each company. Click here for more Job Seeker information.

What sets Louisiana Job Connection apart from other job sites is its focus on establishing quality job seeker-employer connections. To learn more about this free, innovative job board, which was developed by Louisiana Economic Development, watch the overview video. Companies can register today at Louisiana Job Connection, or call 1.877.655.3199 for more information on making the right match.