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Louisiana Turfgrass Association names new president of the board

(Lafayette, La.) — Louisiana Turfgrass Association (LTA) recently elected Lafayette business owner Brooke Inzerella as president of the board at its annual meeting January 8th, 2015. Inzerella has been a member of LTA for 7 years.

Brooke InzerellaFounded in 1956, LTA is a professional nonprofit organization available for anyone interested in the production, maintenance and management of turfgrass, along with the chemicals, equipment and services associated with it.

LTA members include golf course and park superintendents, sod producers, highway personnel, industry representatives, landscapers, lawn care managers and research and extension personnel.  The organization educates its members on the latest industry trends, assists with research efforts and works in conjunction with LSU Extension on sport and recreational field improvements.

“Many homeowners, athletic departments and golf course managers depend on the Louisiana turfgrass industry,” said Inzerella. “ LTA encourages and fosters research and development of the industry in Louisiana so that our in-state turfgrass resources can continue to meet the highest standards.”

Inzerella has owned and operated Horticare Landscape Company in Lafayette, a full-service consultation, construction and maintenance firm, since 2008.


The Louisiana Turfgrass Association was founded in 1956 and is headquartered at Louisiana State University. The organization promotes and supports continued research and development of the turfgrass industry in Louisiana. It is a nonprofit organization open to those interested in the production, maintenance and management of turfgrass. To learn more, visit