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CLIENT Q&A – Erich Mosing, Frank’s International

Erich Mosing has a lot on his plate. He oversees the marketing department for Frank’s International, the company his grandfather, Frank, founded back in 1938. Erich took the time to sit down with BBR to discuss what he values in an agency.

What value has BBR provided to Frank’s over the years?

We have our own internal marketing department, but use (BBR) as support for areas beyond our capabilities. Public relations, video production, event planning, ribbon cuttings, updates to brochures. Most importantly BBR assisted in the development of a more comprehensive branding guide.

How would you describe your working relationship with BBR?

BBR is very easy to work with, and the flexibility they provide has added the greatest value. As far as the output, the quality of the work has been spot on. It’s always met or exceeded our expectations. In the oilfield, marketing is perceived very differently than in a lot of other industries. So it’s nice to work with an agency that understands our need for flexibility and we appreciate their ability to work hard for us when the time comes.

How have these initiatives, including an updated website, impacted your company’s growth?

I think people in Lafayette have a better understanding of the size of our company. Public relations efforts have allowed us to look to the future without losing sight of how it all started. We’re growing rapidly. And having sophisticated branding, a functional web presence and quality materials that match the name we’ve made for ourselves is definitely invaluable.