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Good for goodness’ sake.

There’s crazy power in positivity. And as a premier communications agency, we know better than most that words have weight and even small ideas can snowball into something magical. So this holiday season, we’re using our powers for good.

Introducing Holiday Cards for Humanity, a wholly unserious assortment of kind thoughts, weirdo compliments and irreverent responses ready-made for social media. Perfect for sharing as a goof, a sincere attaboy or just to brighten someone’s day.

When it comes to the greater good, there’s no gesture too small. We’ve got printable cards and e-cards. Leave a card with your bill next time you eat at a restaurant, give one to your neighbor or share them with friends online.

We’ve also brainstormed “ideas for humanity” — small ways that you can cheer someone up and pay it forward this holiday season.

Visit and spread some good for goodness’ sake.