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Client Profile – Robert Copeland, M&D Industries of Louisiana

Since 1978, M&D Industries of Louisiana has engineered fluid technologies designed to more efficiently alleviate an array of oil and gas industry challenges. And since the early days of BBR, we’ve gone to great lengths to help M&D Industries more effectively communicate its undeniably unique marketplace benefits. We sat down with Robert Copeland, M&D’s operations manager, to learn more about what our longtime partnership has meant for his business.

So, how long have you been working with BBR?

Contrary to what the redhead might say, we’ve been on board since their inception (1997).

In that time, what has BBR provided for your company?

BBR has been able to assimilate general marketing strategies into oilfield marketing strategies. They understand what it is we do, what it is we try to fix, and have found a way to tailor that message to fit what audiences need to know.

How has BBR’s media department provided value for M&D?

When you’ve got ads in World Oil, it gives a sense of comfort to the customer. It shows a commitment to them, and apparently it makes our competition wake up. We believe in it and it has helped get our brand name and company out to the industry. We deal with engineers who read a lot, and the targeting [BBR Media Buyer Monica Hebert] provides is incredibly valuable.

Has the updated M&D Industries website helped with sales?

We’ve gotten a tremendous amount of feedback–especially from international customers. Compared to the old site, it’s a breath of fresh air. It brings us into 2013 instead of the 1998 version [we had before]. It’s simple and easy for customers to navigate.

How did a refined presentation help M&D land business in Russia?

Well, I can say without hesitation that next month we’re sending out what’s possibly our biggest international sale ever. (Since the presentation, we’ve gone from zero to six field trials of our products.) But I don’t want to give the blonde, brunette and redhead any ideas…

Collectively, have the initiatives impacted business growth?

When you tie it all together–periodicals, sales brochures, the website–they serve as tools that help enlighten our customers that, yes, these solutions do exist. They consistently embody the whole package.

Any final words?

Any time we have a project with BBR, instead of getting back 100%, we generally get back 150%. BBR has validated what might be construed in the industry as a small mom-and-pop, but presented in the same light as the big boys. They make us look like a major player.