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Featured Work: Falcon Rice Mill Wall Mural


Falcon Rice Mill, the Crowley, La.-based owner and manufacturer of Cajun Country Rice, wanted tour groups to leave its facility with more than just a nagging craving for jambalaya. With access to an archive of historic art and seizing on momentous chapters from the company’s storied history, BBR developed a mural that chronicles the evolution of the brand in a way that’s as educational as it is visually stimulating.

Click to see full mural.

The Falcon family wanted visitors to take away a better understanding of America’s last-remaining family-owned rice mill. So in planning the mural, BBR’s creative team took into consideration all of the important historic and cultural tidbits that should be included — from family history, to the step-by-step milling process, to the origin of art found on Cajun Country Rice packaging. We took a few measurements (considering not only available space, but average eye level of visitors) and began work on what today is prominently displayed at the main mill entrance.

“It was a very fun and visual project that everyone was excited about,” said Art Director Burt Durand. “We were all glad to work on something so steeped in Louisiana culture and heritage, and that we were able to visually represent the colorful history of Falcon Rice Mill.”