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The Stars Behind BBR Fest

Festival International has come to a close, which means our BBR Fest campaign must do the same. We saw tremendous success with this site, so I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone at BBR Creative who was involved in the project. A lot of people put in many hours to get this off the ground, and they deserve recognition.

Before I do that, I first want to thank all of our followers who participated and responded so positively to the endeavor. Our main goal was to create something that celebrates Festival International and that people would enjoy. Your response tells us that we succeeded, and we’re incredibly happy and grateful for that.

Now, on to the amazing team that put this whole thing together.

Rodney Hess – Online Marketing Strategist
I’m never really comfortable with tooting my own horn, so let’s get this out of the way early. I was responsible for the BBR Fest concept and development, as well as the social media push once it was live. Through these efforts, the site garnered over 2,500 visits within the first two days. OK, maybe I’m a bit more comfortable praising myself than I let on…

Nathan Calhoun – Art Director
Nathan is one of the newest additions to the BBR family, and he jumped right in. Nathan designed the logo and branding of BBR Fest, and was responsible for designing its fantastic website.

Daniel Kedinger – Interactive Strategist
This guy is a rock star. He developed the website from Nathan’s design, and stayed up until 2am to do so. That’s no easy feat for a father of three. Though, he did disclose that he started marathoning Game of Thrones while doing so, and now he’s hooked. I consider that two wins.

Moon Chang – Copywriter
For those of you who discovered the site through our eNewsletter, you can thank Moon for the great copy that led you to

Julie Gauthier – Public Relations Director
The initial social push helped gain visibility for the site early on, but Julie and her team were responsible for keeping that trend going. Her ideas made it possible for the site to be mentioned and featured by KATC and KLFY, reaching an entirely new audience and doubling visits (over 5,500 in 10 days, if you’re counting).

Bria Wheeler – PR Team
Bria executed Julie’s PR push, and did so flawlessly. Utilizing charm as a weapon, she hand-delivered posters and custom illustrations to numerous local personalities, which can be seen in the above photo.

Burt Durand – Art Director
This guy. Burt is responsible for bringing all of these characters to life. He illustrated each and every one of the “indigenous peoples” and the Facebook avatars, as well as most of the copy describing them. As if that weren’t enough, he continued to churn out custom character after custom character based on your submissions. He sculpted the conceptual lumps of clay, and breathed life into them.

Thanks to all who had a hand in creating BBR’s Festival Field Guide to the Indigenous Peoples of Festival International de Louisiane, and everyone responsible for its success. We’re incredibly proud of the result, and hope to bring it to a whole new level next year!

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