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A Day in the Life Of…

… President of Festival International

My days are usually quite busy, which is the way I like them, but I had no way of knowing HOW busy they would become when I accepted the nomination from the Board of Directors to be President of Festival International de Louisiane for 2013.

As Festival Kick-Off Countdown begins, here is a typical day in my life, trying to manage my time in the most efficient way possible to get everything accomplished:

4:30am – My alarm goes off. This can’t be right! I am not a morning person and I sleep as late as possible until I have to get ready for work…but this early morning stuff is happening more regularly. It’s getting close to Festival and live interviews on TV and radio are in full swing. I have to be at the TV station for…5:45 this morning (groan).

5:45am – After crawling out of bed, showering and trying to make myself up to NOT look like I had to be up at 4:30am (HDTV reveals all), I arrive on set.  Now it’s time to focus—to disseminate to the public all the important Festival information possible within the interview’s two-minute window.

6:20am – I am on LIVE…(PLEASE don’t mess up!)

6:30am – Well, since I’m up and I have a lot of work to do,  I might as well go into work (my real job) and get a head start while it is still quiet.

8:30am – Wow, I’ve accomplished so much already—it’s amazing what you can get done when the phone is not constantly ringing. (As a Media Buyer, I get about 20-40 calls a day.)

9:00am – We have an Account Service meeting to discuss the status of all projects in the office.

10:30am – Gotta go to the Festival office—I have a meeting concerning city planning with the city’s department heads. We need to ensure every aspect of the Festival is logistically sound.

11:30am – Running from the Festival meeting to a lunch meeting with one of my reps from Cox Media.  We talk business, but also catch up on each other’s lives and families.

1:00pm – Need to rush back to the office to finish up a creative brief for a 2:00 meeting with my client. We have a concept development to review.

2:00pm – My meeting with the client and four members of the BBR Creative team starts right on time, just the way I like it. The information we collect is valuable and I am confident we will come up with an amazing campaign for her facility. I leave, armed with notes to file and dates to schedule.

3:30pm – Uh-oh, I really need to check my emails. I reply to people waiting for answers and—oh no!—I have five voice mails.  I return the calls and get ready for my 4:30 meeting with another media rep.

4:30pm – The rep is a little late, which makes me a little stressed. With my schedule so tight, there is no room for delay.

4:40pm – Whew, the rep is here… OK, now show me what you have to offer my clients.

5:10pm – Heading back to the Festival office—I have another meeting at 5:30pm.

5:30pm – This Festival meeting is for development, and all about making sure the Festival hits our goals. As we’re a nonprofit committed to remaining a free event to the public, corporate and individual donations are the only way we can continue to be successful. We’re ready to strategize, and I come armed with some ideas I’ve written down last weekend.

7:00pm – I walk over to Tsunami from the Festival office to meet with one of my oilfield reps. He’s traveled from Houston and is only in for two days.  (I’m so exhausted—why did I agree to this dinner? Oh yeah, I had to move this meeting from tomorrow morning because I have to be in Baton Rouge at the time.)

9:00pm – After dinner, I wearily make my way home. I have been in high heels since 5:45am and cannot wait to kick them off. I need to get to bed soon for my morning drive, but it’s hard to simply shut down. As I mentally check off the things that were accomplished today, and get back up to write down a new To-Do list of action items that were generated from my meetings, I finally get to close my eyes around 11:00. Hmm… wonder what life will be like after Festival? But today was good. Everything’s working out. ’Til tomorrow…..


Monica Hebert, Director of Media, is also serving as President of Festival International for 2013. She’s not shy about schedules, lists and business, and will work night and day to get things done. Click here to see more of our work or contact Monica at 337-233-1515 if you need a great Media Plan or are seeking media advice. Or if you’re big on volunteering for monumental events like Festival International.