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Top 5 Signs You Need a New Website

So back in the 90s your company embarked on a brave frontier and set up a website to speak to the masses. Since then you might have had one, or even multiple updates, to your website. Hint: If you haven’t had ANY updates since the 90s, skip the 5 signs and contact us immediately. You might not think your website is that old, but if it isn’t providing you the maximum amount of data about your audience, it might be time for a redesign or refresh. Most websites have, at best, a 2-3 year shelf life. Here are the top 5 signs you need a new website.

You Can’t Update Your Own Content

If you can’t update your website without getting your nephew or long lost IT guy to add the newest product information, you are definitely at a disadvantage. Most websites built in the last 2-3 years include a Content Management System, CMS for short, that allows the website owner to update, add, or remove content to the website. Fresh content on your website not only keeps your users engaged, but helps to keep Google’s attention when it comes to search rankings. If you can’t update your site, ditch the nephew and build a new website.

You Can’t Find Your Own Website on Google

If you try to search for your business or product on a major search engine and come up with random links or worse, your competitors, then your site might be holding you back. Sites employing old technology or outdated content are given negative marks by search engines. With proper code and optimized content you are in a much better place to get the attention you are hoping to attract.

Your Clients or Industry Have Changed

Unless you do business under a rock it is more than likely your clients or your industry have seen changes over the last 5 years. If your website was originally planned with certain business goals or target audiences that no longer should be your focus, it might be time to realign the content and design of your website with your updated business goals, sales strategies or audience members in mind.

Your Top Competitor Has a New Website

So business isn’t always about keeping up with the Joneses, but when your top competitor launches a new website, it’s a prime opportunity to assess what your website is doing to demonstrate the differentiation of  your image from your competitor’s. Looking outdated online might sway a business decision from going your way to another. A new website also means new content that Google and Bing search engines can’t get enough of – they will immediately drive more visitors to the new content.

Your Site Doesn’t Play Nicely with Mobile Phones or Tablets

So you just got a new iPhone or a new tablet and you instinctively check out your company website on your new toy. Chances are, if your site is older than two years old you probably don’t have an optimized website for mobile gadgets. There have been major changes in the way people surf and use the internet –  especially where. Research is showing that mobile usage is a MUST for all modern websites. There are over 90 million smartphone users, of which 29% of the population use mobile devices to surf the web. If your site doesn’t work, or looks terrible on mobile, it’s time to invest in a new site. If your site has one or all of these issues, BBR can help update or redesign your website to better represent your business and its online presence. We offer services for design, development, copywriting, SEO, and social media. Whether just a refresh or a complete overhaul, we can guide you through an assessment of what might best suit your needs, and hold your hand through the process of restoration, renovation, or reinvention, from start to finish. Daniel Kedinger, Interactive Strategist, is a leading techno-geek/wizard of  BBR Creative’s Digital Department. Click here to see more of our online work or contact Daniel at 337-233-1515 to see what gadgets and technological insight he can magically insert into your website.