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How to Setup a Google+ Local Business Page


This is the third installment of our Unlocking SEO series, where I attempt to educate our readers on how to properly optimize a site for SEO. If you missed our first two segments, you can read them by clicking the below links.

Part 2 of How To Optimize Site Content coming soon!

How to Setup Google+ Local Business Page

Claiming your business’s Google+ Local page is one of the first steps in preparing your site for SEO. It’s also one of the most important, especially for local businesses. First, it allows you to control the information about your company. Claiming the page gives you the control. Otherwise, anybody can submit edits to be made on your behalf, even if the information is incorrect. Secondly, it’s one of the most authoritative citations for building your local profile. Let me explain…

Search engines determine how a business ranks in local results, also known as the maps results, through citations. A citation is anytime a company’s name, address and phone number (colloquially known in the industry as the NAP)┬áis found throughout the Web. Having ┬áincorrect, inconsistent or duplicated NAP information confuses the search engines and hurts your local authority, which impacts rankings. This is why it’s so crucial to control this information when possible.

Follow these easy steps in the below infographic, and gain control over your citations! Click the image to enlarge.

Setting Up Google+ Local Page

Once you’ve completed claiming your Google+ Local page, it’s a good idea to search Google for your business name and phone number, which will show you the citations that currently exist business. Edit as necessary from there, and start building that local authority!

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