Need a New and Effective Marketing Tool for 2013?

February 14, 2013


Let’s look at your options!

With all the hoopla digital marketing has generated, and believe me, we understand the importance of this medium — we’ve invested in a whole digital media department — it’s easy to forget about your print collateral. But with the increase in online marketing, there is a growing number of people who will respond to traditional print materials such as direct mail, simply because there is less of it.

And there is no denying traditional print materials continue to drive face-to-face sales. It provides your sales force with a visual aid and talking points. It’s an easy “fulfillment” piece for interested and qualified prospects. It’s a tool to communicate benefits of products and services, which can easily be referenced by the prospective buyer after your visit is over. And let’s face it; there’s something very appealing about being able to hand a client something tangible and creative, a piece that’s very tactile, a solid representation of your business.

Oftentimes, business owners have an idea to create specific sales collateral, then shelve the idea until they are less busy. But the time to develop consistent sales and marketing materials is now, in order to pursue sales opportunities throughout the year, and from all angles. Marketing campaigns, like anything, are the most effective when they are implemented in a comprehensive manner.

The following is a checklist of powerful sales tools I recommend in order to increase your business in 2013.

Services Brochure:

Brochures have become quite sophisticated tools, a chance to make a memorable first impression or give creative collateral that will visually differentiate you from competitors.

Product & Service Sheets:

Have a product line that has grown exponentially? Has your business diversified to offer different services? Focus your messaging to specific audiences and update these sheets often to keep your contacts fully aware of all that you offer.

Capabilities Flyer:

Don’t lose additional business opportunities! Share the entire range of your capabilities with clients and prospects and leverage your existing relationships.

Case Studies/Testimonials/Success Stories:

These components, whether integrated on your website or in print materials, provide compelling proof. They show the value you have brought to past clients or highlight success achieved in situations or industries relevant to your prospects.

Newsletters & E-Newsletters:

This is a cost-effective way to communicate on a regular basis, keeping your business top of mind, and offering updates about your company as well as other industry-relevant information that is of value to your customers.

Corporate PowerPoint Presentations:

There is an art to captivating an audience and showcasing the advantages and benefits of your products and services. Make sure your presentation is dynamic enough to grab their attention – and hold it.

Multimedia & iPad Presentations:

You never know when or where you’ll need to make a sales pitch. Make sure you have something animated and representative of why they need your business, in a format for easy portability or integration into your website.

Video, TV, Radio:

People are still tuning in to traditional entertainment forms, and whether they hear your message during morning commutes or watch it during late night television, your message should be compelling enough for them to take action later.


A website is as ubiquitous as an online business card. But can people find yours? Technology moves at lightening speed; has your online presence kept up? They may not technically “buy” anything from your site, but I promise you, your website can certainly contribute to your sales!

When gauging your arsenal of sales tools, the following questions will help determine whether any may need a redesign or freshening up.

Do your sales tools:

  • accurately represent your brand as it stands today?
  • appeal to the sensibilities of your customers (and not just to yours)?
  • sell the value of the products and services you offer?
  • differentiate you from your competitors?
  • highlight success stories or show a personal side to your company?
  • and finally, communicate consistent messaging so that sales people sell the company and not their own agenda?

If you would like to ramp up your sales tools or feel concerned about how your marketing collateral holds up under the questions listed above, give me a call. We’ve been creating memorable, award-winning materials since 1997 and our creative team is top-notch. Most of all, I promise –  you will love working with us!