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Planning for Marketing 2013

The end of the year is a great time to regroup on your marketing efforts, to review strategies and tactics that worked well in 2012 and to create a fresh plan for increasing your business in the coming year. So, what are some top marketing trends we will be seeing in 2013? The following trends can help you determine the focus of your 2013 marketing goals.

You Can Build It, But Will They Come?

The more effectively your marketing materials speak to your audience, the more easily your audience will relate to your brand. If in 2012 you focused on developing targeted marketing of specific value to your audience, take that content for a whirl in 2013. Whether your valued content comes in the form of age-related health information or apps for those looking to buy or sell a home, this year the tactics for getting your content in front of your audience are going to be much more sophisticated and a key component for winning new business.

Consider utilizing creative PR initiatives and partnering opportunities, as well as innovative digital tactics, to ensure your valuable content reaches its destination. This includes developing content in a format accessible to the growing number of people who are looking for information on the run. Are you ready to reach mobile consumers at that next tradeshow? Does your audience know about the valuable content you’ve created?

Digital vs. Traditional Marketing

As a full-service agency, BBR Creative always pushes for an integrated marketing strategy that reaches audiences across all multiple mediums and platforms, from traditional to digital. We think that 2013 will see more companies realizing the significance and strategic implications of online behavioral data. It is just too valuable to ignore. The faster you gain access to behavioral data, the faster you are able to respond with targeted messaging that speaks effectively to consumers. It’s no longer an isolated playing field where each medium has its own zone to defend. Digital marketing cannot survive without the full support of traditional marketing, and traditional marketing campaigns that aren’t guided by online and social marketing data risks missing opportunities on a daily basis.

So as you plan for 2013, take a look at the integration between your online content and your traditional marketing initiatives, and see where they cross over. Are they supportive of one another? Are they on parallel paths where they never cross? Is your website awesome but in outer-cyberspace? It’s no longer about simply understanding who your audience is and what they do in their free time. No one has any free time anymore. In 2013, you are going to have to understand what your audience does. When they check their email, who their neighbors are, what they talk/eat/think/dream about most and then jump into a conversation with them via an integrated campaign that genuinely captures their attention.

Building a Community vs. Preaching to an Audience

What’s old school? Quantity over quality. Bragging about how many people like your page.

What’s new school? New school 2013 is valuing a community over an audience. It’s having people who like your page answer questions that other people post to your page for you, even making “the sell” with an enthusiastic comment.

But with Facebook’s new format, who knows what your Followers are seeing? What shows up on newsfeeds has changed dramatically; new posts on your business Facebook page might be streaming out into social oblivion, while other businesses seem to be able to mine data out of their Followers’ minds, data given up willingly. Have you taken the time to build an online community where you are communicating and interacting with visitors daily, tweaking campaigns with messaging that speaks to what they are interested in rather than what you think they ought to be interested in? Do you comment or respond positively to any negative feedback to demonstrate to your audience that you are listening to what they say? These days most consumers are not eating, buying, or committing to anything without referring to the plethora of feedback or reviews posted by other users, and unless you are part of this communication cycle, it’s as if you’ve installed a telephone but refuse to answer it when it rings, only using it to broadcast your own messages at your own convenience.

Don’t feel discouraged if you foresee a lot of work coming up this year. Building a real relationship with your online community is time-consuming. But your efforts will be rewarded. And BBR, as your marketing counselor, is ready to step in and guide you every step of the way.

Cheers to 2013, and to doing GREAT BUSINESS.