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Walk In My Shoes

by Mallory Joseph

My days are never boring here at BBR Creative as an Account Executive. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a chance to clean up my desktop, much less my office, but the pace of my job is actually one of my favorite aspects of what I do… I like to stay busy, which is a trait many of my co-workers share with me. It’s a good thing, too, because as you can see, our days are never dull! Here is how an average Wednesday goes…

5:45 am: Alarm clock goes off, I feel like I just went to sleep… just a few more minutes…

6 am: The snooze goes off, it’s now or never, and I am up. I change into work-out gear, grab a shot of coffee and am out the door for Xtend Barre class.

6:30-7:30 am: Never enjoy getting out of bed this early (I am NOT a morning person!) but end up so glad I got this in before a very busy day.

7:40 am: Race out of class, take a quick shower and I am off to the office. Scan through the headlines, overnight emails and Facebook on the way to the office during red lights.



8:15 am: Time for an office pow-wow on a project BBR is working on for Community Foundation of Acadiana. Wendy, Denise and Cherie don’t mind my eating a little breakfast while we work out the details!



9 am: Meeting at Chase Tower with a potential new client. Cherie and I are super excited. I love meeting with clients who are eager to get started. Their enthusiasm is infectious. This client has tons of potential. We leave two hours later and my head is spinning with ideas. But time to switch gears and jet back to the office, because drum roll… I am late for another meeting!

11:10 am: Back at the office, I jump into an internal meeting about my least favorite thing to discuss at the office: COST. It’s obviously very necessary to run a successful and profitable business, but running numbers is just not where my strengths lie. Luckily Sara, our Operations Director, can reign in our team’s strategic goals and ideas into a cost estimate for our client. Thanks Sara!



11:45 am: I have a noon conference call with my favorite long-time client but I also have a 1 pm meeting out of the office. I consider skipping lunch today… the answer is no and it’s time to dash out for a quick salad.



12:00 pm: Conference call time and eating will have to wait… but it looks really good.



12:40 pm: Conference call over, scarf lunch down and I am off to River Ranch for a meeting with CFA on their Leaders in Philanthropy Luncheon. The event isn’t for a couple of months, but it’s time to start discussing the details.

2:45 pm: Meeting ends, we have a lot of work to do between now and the event but it’s going to be a great gathering!

3:15 pm: Website review time with a new client; I hope they like the changes we made to their site!

3:45 pm: They love it! Daniel and I are excited because we THOUGHT we had nailed it. I schedule development of the site pages (the next stage of the project) and then I go to look at the disaster zone that is my email and voice mail inboxes.

4 pm: Not too bad…As I am weeding through my emails, answering colleague and client inquiries,  our creative crew walks in and needs me to film a short segment for an RFP we are pitching… here goes nothing. Did I mention the video requires me to dance?



5 pm: As I gather up some files to take home to review in the evening I take a quick peek into Facebook — gotta make sure I’m up to speed with what has been going on all day!



5:45 pm: Dinner with my fiance, Garett. We can’t decide where to eat, drive around town and end up at Marcello’s. Wine and good food, sign me up!

8:15 pm: Showered, catching up on emails and blogs. Garett and I are both on our computers, half-watching TV. The meetings today have been great, but I have to start getting some work done for all the things we discussed in those meetings – I decide to make a list!



10:15 pm: I am exhausted….time to go to bed! Thanks for following me through my riveting day. It may not be glamorous but the pace of it is a lot of fun!