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For It Is In Giving That We Receive


Many in our community might be unaware that Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady, who first arrived in our country with a mission to serve the sick and needy, founded Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center (OLOL). Despite a new, state-of-the-art, medical complex, Lourdes Medical Center is, in fact, one of the largest, locally-owned, not-for-profit health systems in Louisiana. And part of the mission of OLOL is to embody a hospital without walls, embracing the altruistic vision of St. Francis of Assisi.

“For It Is In Giving That We Receive”

– Excerpt from the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi

To that end, the Lourdes Foundation was started, as a vehicle through which the mission of the hospital could be fulfilled, by serving all members of community in need of quality healthcare. When BBR was approached with the project to build awareness about the Lourdes Foundation, the simple humanity of their mission, their amazing impact on our community, and the heartfelt ways the Foundation has served, and continues to serve, community members opened our eyes and touched our hearts. Everything about the Foundation is based on a higher calling, which challenged our creative vision to capture this inspiring story.

The Foundation is a separate organization from the hospital, supported by personal donations — both in time and money — from Lourdes employees, a variety of fundraisers, grants and generous gifts from community patrons who support the Foundation’s service mission. Since the Foundation was started, a staggering number of community members of all ages and backgrounds have been fed; provided crucial and preventative medical care and treatments; received education and counseling; and given access to compassionate and nonjudgmental aid.

“A challenging misconception about the Foundation is that people believe it to be a part of Lourdes Medical Center operations within the hospital –– not a healing ministry outside the hospital walls. The goal of the Lourdes Foundation video is to dispel that myth and convey the wide range of our outreach efforts into the community. And our message, ‘Be the One,’ is to engage viewers to join us in our crusade to help those in need.”

Elisabeth Arnold
Director of Community Relations
Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center

Most inspiring is the fact that the Foundation does not merely collect, raise and allocate funds for its philanthropic endeavors. But its members and professionals from the Medical Center provide actual on-site medical and administrative services, upholding the Foundation’s philosophy that providing healthcare to the sick and needy is an actual privilege. The actions of its members make the Foundation a living, breathing, healing ministry. The video BBR created for the Foundation became the vehicle to convey the stories the Foundation collected from their ministry within our community. We wanted to embody the Foundation’s faith-in-action and create an intertwining relationship with The Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, upon which the Foundation’s mission to serve is based. We wanted a creative product that would both inspire and elevate the spirits of viewers.

The source for the stories is rich. The Foundation partners with St. Bernadette Community Clinic to provide medical and dental care for more than 3,600 homeless, sheltered and uninsured patients every year. The Foundation founded the Northside High School Health Clinic, Acadiana’s only clinic in a public highschool, to provide care to over 500 students and faculty each school year, ensuring medical services for children who might not normally have access to quality healthcare. Through the Congregational Health Network, the Foundation provides medical assistance, screenings, vaccines, education and awareness about common health issues to 6500 parishioners from 6 church parishes. And through Community Healthcare Clinic, Lourdes Foundation donates pharmacy hours and annual grant money to provide prescription medication for the working uninsured. The Lourdes Foundation is not afraid of leading by example.

During this season of counting our personal and family blessings, it is equally important to take time to appreciate the opportunity to live in such an extraordinary community and amongst the inspiring individuals who are a part of it. Oftentimes, these silent superheroes are so busy doing and giving in amazing ways that they go unnoticed. Something other than public recognition and accolades drive them. But what they do and how they go about it selflessly, generously — not just seasonally, but all year long — reminds me that our community has an amazing and unique spirit. A community spirit that is literally nourished by the people who contribute, strengthen and care for its members.

We feel humbled to have had the opportunity to tell the story of Lourdes Foundation. We hope it is one that inspires you as much as it has inspired us.  View the Lourdes Foundation Video»