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Snack Your Way Around BBR

It’s a fact – great minds need great snacks. Sometimes the right snack can change your mood, get the creative juices flowing, or just get you through the day. Here at BBR, we have the highly-revered snack closet, that for many of us is the safe haven for battling the 10:15 a.m. stomach rumblings, or the 3:45 p.m. “I don’t wants”.  We greatly appreciate that our lovely boss-ladies keep the closet stocked with the brain food that we desperately need…or crave.  Let’s take a little tour through the BBR office to see what my co-workers are snacking on to help them produce the stellar work that they create every day. The story goes that Andrew requested Skittles be a regular star in the snack closet before he accepted his job as our Production Artist.  


If Sheree doesn’t start her day with a bowl of chips, we wonder if she’s feeling well…


Moon represents the healthier side of BBR…an apple a day keeps the copywriter…well, writing.


Sweet enough to be candy, but healthy enough not to feel bad about snacking, I pick at Craisins throughout the day.


Mallory changes it up from day to day, but today it’s a handful of trail mix.


There’s something to be said about the healing and productivity powers of chocolate. Kristen enjoys a Twix bar.

Cherie and Denise both rely on their “Power Pills” — or Peanut M&M’s —  to push them through those long afternoons, and it seems that Daniel just can’t decide between Snickers and Twix.                                    

Pretzel Wars – Cathi fills her red Solo cup with Pretzel sticks while Chris munches on Honey Wheat Twisted Pretzels.        


        And when things get a little nuts, Julie grabs her a handful of – you guessed it – peanuts!


So what’s your favorite pick-me-up, potion or poison?