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Portrait of a Brand Culture: Part II


Read Portrait of a Brand Culture: Part I if you missed the first part of this two-part blog post.

Once you establish a clear brand culture, how do you grow your business while protecting the integrity of that culture?

For the sake of your brand culture, you must be willing to cut those who do not believe in the company culture or  do not represent it well, while still developing a workforce diverse in personality and skill set.

Laborde & Neuner vets employees, usually at the internship level,  to ensure they hire lawyers who share the principles upon which their tight, family-like structure is built. While the firm values diversity, all candidates must in some way embody the firm’s culture of helping others, because trust is crucial to working well in teams. It’s particularly crucial for Laborde & Neuner because of the cooperation and teamwork required for their multi-jurisdictional cases.

All the attorneys believe in helping others  – including each other – whether it’s mentoring a younger associate to improve trial skills or staying the weekend to get out a document for a colleague who has a family engagement. Star quarterbacks need not apply here.

Finally, Laborde & Neuner’s company culture of helping others is apparent in their treatment of clients. From the quick turnaround time in replying to all client phone calls to the on-site appearance they make for emergency situations at any time, day or night, the attorneys prove how highly they value their clients. Through their actions, Laborde & Neuner communicates how committed they are to helping others professionally.

This is an example of a great brand culture, cultivated and executed beautifully. When a brand culture supports an identity so comprehensively, success can only follow. The company will attract the highest quality candidates for future growth, candidates who appreciate the values of the firm. Clients who experience the company culture will show loyalty through repeat business and referrals. A workforce who is mentally and physically invested in their profession and company; professional accolades and respect; and a community that continues to improve and grow thanks to their efforts. And THAT my friends, is how it’s done.

What is YOUR brand culture? And more importantly, how are you LIVING it?

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