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Podcast Psychic


Hello there. Oh dear. Oh no. Something is terribly wrong!

I can tell from the blank  look in your eyes that you’re not listening to enough podcasts. Step right in, friend; I am your podcast psychic, and I shall help you get what you need.

Today, in our first session, I will teach you how to subscribe to a podcast in iTunes, and make an initial podcast recommendation. Then, in weeks to come, I will immeasurably enrich your life by recommending more podcasts, until your life is so exquisite that you can hardly bear it, and start weeping with gratitude.

Should you have any questions not psychically sensed by yours truly, please feel free to communicate with me via the comments.

Shall we begin?

First, open iTunes.

No, that’s okay, I know your computer is slow – I’ll wait. This advice is free, just like all podcasts. Oh, the synchronicity!

When iTunes is up and running, click on the words “iTunes store,” and put your cursor in the search bar in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

Search for “Savage Love” – and by the time you have typed in “Savage Lo” an option for “Savage Love Podcast” should appear. Click on it. Then click subscribe.

A pop-up box will appear, inquiring if you are sure you want to subscribe —  and YES, you are sure, so sure that you will also click that little box that says “Do not ask me again about subscribing to podcasts.” Because you are about to become an avid podcast listener, and don’t need iTunes bothering you with pesky questions.

Once you have subscribed, the most recent episode will begin downloading immediately.  I strongly urge you to go back as far as you can to the beginning of the show; the first episode available seems to be episode #99. So begin there, for you see, Savage Love is a cumulative learning experience. The benefits from listening to it will not be immediate, but given time, I assure you (or offer your money back, ha!) they will be profound.

In fact, don’t you feel better already? I do.

I know, you’re grateful. You should be.

Until next time, friend, happy listening.






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