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Checklist for Facebook Contests


We find that more and more our clients are engaging with their customers via Facebook.  That engagement is a great thing, especially when it’s done right! Without a doubt, Facebook contests and promotions are a great way to engage your existing fan base and gain a following of new fans.

I came across a great social media blog* that outlined a ten-step Facebook contest checklist that I couldn’t help but share.

Most importantly, before you host any contest or promotions on Facebook, be sure that you are compliant with the Facebook Pages Terms of Service (TOS) to minimize liability for your business.


1.  DON’T use the “Like”, “Check In” or “Connection” features as the means to enter the contest. (Example: “Like this Page to win a dinner for two!”) and DON’T select the winner from those who have used those actions (Example:  “When we reach 500 Likes, we’ll select one lucky Fan to receive a one-hour massage!”).

2.  DON’T use Facebook features or functionality as a mechanism for voting. (Example: ”Vote for your favorite photo caption with the Like button”).

3.  DON’T require a participant to take any action within a Facebook feature or function. (Examples: “Like this post to be entered in the drawing to win two tickets” or “The first to comment wins one dozen muffins”).

4.  DON’T use Facebook to notify the winner(s). (Example:  Notifying the winner(s) through Facebook messages, Facebook chat, or Wall posts).


1.  DO use a third party application to run your contest or promotion.  Apps are available that can handle whatever type of contest or promotion you would like to run.

2.  DO feel free to use the “Like,” “Check In,” or “Connection” features as a requirement for entry, as long as it is not the means of entry (Example: “Like this page, then click here to register to win the latest gadget!”).

3.  DO state that Facebook does not sponsor, endorse, administer, associate with, or is otherwise involved with your promotion.

4.  DO include a release of Facebook by every participant by asking participants to acknowledge that Facebook isn’t responsible for the contest or promotion.

5.  DO notify every participant that the information they provide is being released to you, not to Facebook.  When you collect information, such as an email address, let participants know that the data is being collected by your business.

6. DO comply with all of the terms of service, even when the promotion is administered outside of Facebook.  If the contest is promoted, advertised or referenced on Facebook through an individual Page, Post or Ads, then you must adhere to the terms of service.

* Source: