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Apex: Fit For Success


At Apex Freight Services, success is built in their willingness – no, enthusiasm – for taking on the impossible. As a full-service, 3rd party logistics provider (3PL), the firm specializes in transporting oversized, hazardous and otherwise challenging freight needs, assuring clients that they can and will deliver their goods safely, responsibly and within the most efficient timeframe. It’s a daunting task, and one that stretches their ingenuity with each new client who approaches their business with a seemingly impossible transportation load.

You can imagine the stress of coordinating such high-risk jobs, facing the dangers of transporting hazardous materials in unstable road and weather conditions. Yet Apex has proven over and over again that not only are they capable of handling tough situations under stressful conditions, they are extremely successful at it – its past three-year revenue growth has increased by 392 percent to $19 million. They were recently listed in ABiz’s 50 Top Privately Held Companies in Acadiana as fastest growing AND listed in Inc. magazine’s 500|5000 national list of fastest growing companies.

But in terms of girth, while their revenue, industry sectors served, number of employees, and list of satisfied customers may be expanding, their employees literally (or figuratively, depending on how you view it), are not.

Tracy Pellerin, CEO of Apex, is a piston of energy; his appetite for creative solutions to improve business, both internally and externally is limitless. He seems to live for surmounting the impossible; you get the feeling that he actually consumes huge amounts of raw data for breakfast, processing the necessary facts into solutions for whatever hot issue needs addressing, by lunch. He is known for leading team meetings with cartwheels for successful prospect conversions, a physical celebration of Apex’s dedication to innovative solutions and dedicated customer service.

In this type of dynamic environment, you have to be able to keep up, especially with the mental and physical challenges posed by an industry driven by pressure. When everyone’s focus is on getting things done, done right and done well, there’s no room for those who are prone to illness or slowed by health conditions. Which is why Tracy took the innovative step of starting a wellness program in his company this past year, and hiring a coach to guide employees in an initiative to improve their health.

It’s not a mandatory program. But his employees have come to view it as a personal perk. And as their waistlines have shrunk, their lunches and company-wide snacks have taken on nutritionally, the creative innovation that is a trademark of Apex services. Recently, employees have asked that the fitness trainer hired to lead office workouts twice a week come thrice a week, and the number of sick days as well as members who smoke have decreased exponentially. The competitive nature of Tracy’s team apparently matches his own – there seems an internal mission to beat Tracy’s best time of 6+ minutes for an inter-office planking contest.

Our Mission – Taking on the Impossible

At Apex, we maintain the attitude that no challenge is insurmountable. We believe to our core that we can – and will – find solutions to our customer’s needs and to our own internal challenges.

Apex continues to lead the transportation industry in innovation and extraordinary service.  Examples include a technology-driven management system and an insurance coverage plan that protects the clients and cargo of Apex in response to changing transportation legislation. The new wellness program is simply another way the company distinguishes itself from competitors. The flexibility, core strength and stamina of Apex employees have become literal advantages in the calm and speedy response to urgent needs of their customers.

Judging from the successful growth of Apex and its healthy projections, it appears that Tracy’s investment in his company as well as employees, has and will continue to pay off.