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Strategic Public Relations – Part 1

PR entails more than just writing press releases. It’s also about looking for opportunities to gain free public attention—which isn’t as easy as it sounds, given the oversaturation and fragmentation of modern life. Here at BBR, we have several strategies that we often recommend to our clients, some of which you may find useful. Call it DIY PR.

Find a Partner

Look for businesses with complementary products or services, and try to establish partnerships that are mutually beneficial. You can share resources and costs of any promotions and the partnership can create something more attention-getting than either,standing alone. This could be as simple as gift packages/baskets/certificates combining your two products/services under one theme, or as complex as co-sponsoring an event like a charity cook off (if you’re food vendors) or a business luncheon (where you can both offer strategic advice/expertise/training on a topic of interest in the community). Example: City Year and Timberland Partnership Case Study

Give it Away
Some businesses are uncomfortable promoting their charitable giving; this can lead them to miss out on great opportunities to increase the public’s favorable opinion towards the company and brand. Rather than focus on how much is handed out monetarily, choose a single event to highlight your company’s charitable nature and community commitment. It’s even better if the event ties into the product or services you provide; for example, a donut shop shows up with free, fresh donuts at every police and fire station in their area. If your product is comfortable work shoes, you could deliver free shoes to the hard-working nurses on duty at the local hospital.  Always alert the media and any other interested parties before the event, then make sure to take pictures during the event. Those photos can also be submitted to local papers, newsletters and industry publications. As long as the event is about honoring and serving those who receive the donation, your company will get positive community attention without having to brag or self-promote. Example: Guide to Giving

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