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To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade, That Is the Question. Operating Systems, That Is.

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It is a constant uphill battle to keep up with emerging technology and software. When you have more than a couple of computers, the decision to upgrade can be expensive – in both money and time. It’s important to remember to do thorough research before upgrading any hardware or software and it shouldn’t be done just to access new features.

I am all for improved functionality but this benefit needs to be metered by a comparison of current systems. It seems that no matter how much you read, research and consult there is always an element that comes as a surprise. Yesterday Apple released Mountain Lion (OSX 10.8) which added 200+ new features. New features are great, but compatibility issues with those features could be troublesome. To check the applications you use on a regular basis to see if they are compatible visit Roaring Apps compatibility list. One recent example of a surprise is that our office updated software that forced a costly investment in other new supporting elements that were outdated after the upgrade.

Eventually you will have software that will only run on the new operating system, but you won’t be able to install it on your computer because it is too old. This can be particularly troublesome for smaller enterprises and freelancers that may have limited resources. You don’t want to be in a position to be forced to upgrade.

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Just a word of warning, do research yourself or get info from someone you trust. You need to consider software as well as hardware and the best answer may be to stick with what you have. In the post-Jobs era, upgrader beware….

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