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(P)interested In Social Media Marketing?

National statistics that I read on social media blogs are proving to be true right here in this office. Over the last two weeks alone I have had over 5 clients, all women, contact me because they are ready to put their company/brand on the social media site Pinterest, which.allows people to collect images and create pin “boards” of relevant content. While I have wasted many personal hours pinning my favorite fall looks of 2012, I’m pleased to find that brands are starting to find ways to use this emerging social medium as a social marketing tool.

Why should you consider using Pintrest as a social marketing tool? Because*:

  1. Pinterest has fast become one of the top five online referral sources for retailers.
  2. Over 87% of the people using Twitter are women, who are the household decision-makers on most products and brands purchased within a household.
  3. Over 80% of those females are in the extremely desirable age range demographic of 25-54 –  in other words, women who have the means to buy!
  4. A recent Shareaholic ( study showed that Pinterest fell only slightly behind Twitter and Google in terms of driving traffic, but surprisingly, ranked as a higher driver than YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ combined.
  5. comScore ( reports Pinterest is the fastest growing site in history, with over 10 million users.


So how does your company, that has never been on Pinterest, get started? Follow these easy steps!

  1. Claim Your Name – Secure your brand’s space on Pinterest by going to their site and requesting to be invited to the party.
  2. Start Small – Do you have pictures that already exist on your website? Facebook page? Are they visually interesting? If so, use them. You don’t have to completely reinvent the wheel to get started. You will need to eventually mix external pins with your internal content but using what you already have is a good way to get started.
  3. Themes Are Key You may be tempted to  post only your content on your company’s board but that would be a mistake. Boards on Pinterest are centered around themes so it’s important to mix external images that fit the theme of your board along with your own images. Otherwise, your Pinterest board will appear to be blatant self-promotion and you won’t see the traffic results you are looking for.
  4. Pin It Button Integration Adding this button to pictures and products on your own website will allow consumers and potential customers to quickly pin images they like to their own boards, straight from your website.
  5. Build a Community Consider allowing people to post to your own boards (Caution: this will have to be monitored). This will allow your boards to grow exponentially faster than if you build them yourself. It will also increase engagement and traffic to your boards.


If you’re still not sold on Pinterest, click here to check out a great infographic from MDG Advertising.

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