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Human Voice vs The Automated Lady (Answering System)


When it comes to business calls, do you have a preference for having your call be answered by a real voice or an automated system?  Does it bother you to have to go through so many options just to – hopefully – get connected to the right person?

Some people might not have a preference at all.  I’m sure there are those days that maybe you just don’t feel like interacting with anyone and being able to push through an automated voicing system works out great.

But what if it’s an ‘emergency’ and you aren’t able to reach a human who can help you? There aren’t too many things that I can think of that would feel more frustrating.  I know of several instances where someone has called our office and needed something urgently and because they were able to get through to someone they didn’t miss out on an important opportunity for their company to advertise in a highly-regarded publication.

When confronted with an automated  voice system, I have often found myself just pressing any button to see if it might end the voice recording I’m stuck dealing with and send me to someone, anyone who may be able to either help me or transfer me directly to my correct contact. Have you ever tried it? I’ve gotten lucky every now and then but most of the time it doesn’t work.

I may also be a little biased about this debate as I’m the person to whom you will most likely speak when calling our office. And it gives me great pride that in an age of the automated voice system, at BBR we care enough about our clients to offer you a human voice – MY human voice.