Falcon Rice Mill Celebrates 70th Anniversary

July 13, 2012

Family-Owned and Operated for 3 Generations

(Crowley, La.) – September is National Rice Month, and this year also happens to be 70th year that Falcon Rice Mill has been in business. Located in Crowley, LA, Falcon Rice Mill is the only rice mill in the state that has been owned by the same family for its entire history.

As the third largest rice producer, Louisiana has nearly 400,000 acres devoted to rice, supporting 5,300 jobs and producing a total value of $640 million per year. During the offseason, rice fields provide habitats for migratory birds and ponds for crawfish production. Rice is an integral part of the landscape, livelihood, and lifestyle of Louisiana, and Falcon Rice Mill is proud to produce the 100% Louisiana grown and milled Cajun Country Rice brand.

Founded by Edward and Evelyn Falcon in 1942, the company began as a small seed rice business. With 70 years in business, the Falcon Rice Mill is still going strong with a new generation of leadership. In 2011, siblings Robert Trahan and Christine Fulton, along with their spouses, purchased the company from their parents, Charles and Mona Trahan, and their aunt and uncle, Connie and Randy Falcon. “We’ve had good years and we’ve had bad years, but I’m very proud that this is still a family business after three generations. I think that’s rare in this day and age,” said Randy Falcon.

“With the rice harvest just beginning, we’re looking forward to another great fall season here in south Louisiana,” said Robert Trahan. “Christine and I are so proud to carry on our family’s 70-year tradition of providing high quality, Louisiana-grown rice.”

The mill has been owned and operated by three generations of the Falcon family. They are proud to support local agriculture by keeping Louisiana farmers at the heart of their operation. Rice is also one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable crops. Fields are allowed to rest, all components of the milling process are put to use, and buying from local farmers reduces transportation and fuel costs.

Available in medium and long grain, brown, jasmine and popcorn, 100% Louisiana Grown Cajun Country Rice is a product of the Falcon Rice Mill. Founded in 1942, this family-owned and operated business also produces TORO, Laredo, Home Country and Jackpot. Visit www.cajuncountryrice.com for additional information.