BBR’s 15th Birthday-of-Action: We Stuffed the Bus!

July 3, 2012

I’m generally not into birthday parties, with the fanfare, balloons, streamers and presents. It all seems a self-serving celebration for being born, an event in which one plays a rather passive role, and oftentimes has become an occasion entailing a lot of clean-up, both before and after the event. Can you tell I’m not sentimental?

But having a business, not only survive — but thrive — over 15 years is certainly something to commemorate. Remember, it was a business started by women who hadn’t any prior experience running a business. I don’t know if any of them had even taken an economics class. These women were wives, mothers of young children, and designers/artists. Not the typical skillset for starting a business. The combined hormones alone would have scared any risk allocation team.

The creative awards the Blonde, Brunette and Redhead have garnered over the years are not that surprising. After all, they made their bones in design. But their successful creation of an agency that has served hundreds of clients; increased revenue through sheer guts and loyal referrals; added business awards to creative trophies are a lesson in business ingenuity. Their growth into a “family” of employees and cultivation of a workplace well-known throughout the industry as a coveted place to work – these achievements are a remarkable testament to the gals’ ability to learn and adapt, to take risks and above all, let’s face it – work their asses off. Now fifteen years of THAT is a reason to celebrate.


When the partners first decided to ‘Stuff the Bus’ with school supplies for needy children in conjunction with the United Way Day of Action campaign, the concept sounded great. Parking lot party, cake, favors, etc. The timeline was… well, we might have been throwing a Birthday-of-Action party that no one was going to hear about, let alone attend. When John Durel came by to drop off a check a couple days before the event, I didn’t know whether to hug him or cry. I was so happy by his generosity, but sad he was not coming to the party. We hadn’t heard from anyone else.

I know I tend to ramble when I write, jumping from idea to idea, savoring emotions rather than stripping down to the bare essentials…but I have to tell you…when the day of the party actually arrived; the office  decorated for our 15th birthday; my co-workers  attired in their United Way t-shirts (Mallory, you did that shirt most fashionably!!); and our friends, clients and vendors started driving up with bags and boxes of donations, I felt ashamed. Ashamed about my lack of faith as well as my grumpy stance toward birthday confetti. The place looked fantabulous.


Y’all – in addition to $400 in monetary contributions, we managed to collect 1,500 items of notebooks, backpacks, crayons, glue and other essentials to set any child off on a stellar, academic adventure! I had lost sight that we live in a community who cares, from Pat Cooper (inner thrill!) who possibly supports everything education-related (bless the man and his packed schedule), but also single business owners and large, national companies. This varied group had nothing in common other than their communal desire to join BBR and United Way in our effort to invest in our community children. They have proven yet again, Acadiana is an amazing community, full of people who are rich with compassion and a generous spirit.

I want to take a moment to thank all those who came by to drink iced coffee and teas from the CC’s Streetside Café, eat some delicious cake balls from the Dessert Diva, donate money and/or school supplies and generally be great sports about having photos taken wearing birthday hats. Thanks to:

Home Bank; Galloway, Johnson, Thompson, Burr & Smith; Morrow, Morrow, Ryan & Bassett; Action Specialties; CC’s Community Coffee House®; Community Foundation of Acadiana (CFA); Apex Freight; TriStar Graphics Group; Pixus; Aileen Bennett/Creating Clever; Dr. Pat Cooper (inner thrill!); Sterling Financial Partners; Durel Mail & Imaging; Dessert Diva; L’Acadian Communications; Acadiana Office Products; Modern DNA; GT Operating Company; Martha Joseph; BBR Creative & all my co-workers who personally contributed.

BBR Creative, in their decision to celebrate their 15-year anniversary by giving back to children of need in the community, has again defined their business as a unique place in which to work, and for whom to work.

And as a reformed Birthday Grinch…..I really can’t wait to see what BBR Creative does for their Sweet Sixteen!